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236 I Acknowledge It’s Hard

Jul 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Creating is hard work.

I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s easy.

Sometimes we get in the flow and things happen quickly and they come quickly and easily, but often.

We’ve taken a long time to tune ourselves up, to be able to know how to listen for those incredible hunches.

We do it so well as children.

We tarnish that skill set as we grow older, trying to please people and get it right, do the right thing, follow directions, and please people around us.

You knew what to do when you came here, and you can reacquaint yourself with it again.

But I have to say, regardless, creating is hard.

It can be very difficult.

It takes some of the most disciplined structures.

It takes courage, it takes tenacity, it takes vision, it takes determination, and a mindset that you’re going to do this thing and that you’re just going to figure out how relentlessly.

You’re going to be obsessed with it.

You’re going to think about it, you’re going to be it.

You’re going to follow it, you’re going to be fascinated with it.

So today, I’m just being honest with you.

Creating is not easy, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

It’s not for people who quit easily.

But if you have been somebody who is quite easy or quits when it gets difficult, you can develop the skill sets to get through that by staying focused on your vision, as we talked about yesterday, and by surrounding yourself.

With other people who are creating, who have got their sleeves rolled up, and they’re up to their eyeballs in all the looks and feels of the creative process.

So that when you hit the bumps and you get bruised, you’re not standing out there feeling like you’re so unusual.

We are all unique and valuable.

But when you’re creating, there are certain common things that all of us are going through that when you’re in a community, you’re getting coached, or you’re in a community or you’re in a mastermind or you’ve met people and associated with people in your professional career or in the fields that you’re interested in or just other people who are creating and building, then you can get the support and you can know that it’s normal, what you’re experiencing.

Then when you feel like it’s so hard, you won’t quit.

I wish I could rose-color it.

But on the flip side of creating, what you’re creating, there’s the most incredible life satisfaction.

A feeling of feeling so fortunate to believe in and have these opportunities daily.

I make a note of what I’m appreciative of at the top of my journal and more times than any, it says possibility.

I’m thankful for the possibility.

I’m thankful for living in an environment that is so responsive and so full of possibilities so that I can make so many different choices and feel my freedom.

Success or failure aside, the satisfaction of feeling free and autonomous as you go to continue creating, not being average, being someone who’s out there on the skinny branches of life, give yourself a pat on the back.

Look at your courageous attitude.

Even when you’re feeling challenged by the difficulty or what seems to be impossible.

You’re not quitting because you’re fascinated with your life and you’re here to learn and grow.

And that makes you one of a unique group of people, a smaller group of people than you’d think, who are striving to create, striving to have more striving to learn and grow.

They’re open to doing something about that misalignment that asks you for more or that dissatisfaction with where you are now.

Knowing that there’s more for you today is just a pep talk and letting you know that I feel it too.

Creating isn’t easy, but it’s so worthwhile.

So give yourself a hug and just enjoy this process of being able to feel all these different ways and then having those feelings navigate you through solution after solution so you can continue taking the next step.

You are a master creator, among master creators in this community.

I acknowledge you for your striving and your curiosity and your endless desire for expansion, sending you love.