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237 Choose How You Influence Your World Today

Jul 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Today I just want to say to you, I’m here.

You’re in a community that supports you.

You’re in a community of people who are striving for more and you’re not alone.

I want to encourage you to just keep living big.

There are so many advantages to it.

If you imagine that we are in the field of energy that can change its shape and form by the words you speak and the feelings that you feel.

The biggest thing that you can do every day to continue moving towards your vision is to be in that vision, to be inside of it, to be steeped in it.

I’ve shown you the picture of the ice crystal after people have said different words in the water and then the crystals are frozen.

The water is frozen quickly and when aggressive things are said, the water crystals are sharp and jagged.

When encouraging things and loving things are said.

Beautiful snowflake flakes like crystals are formed.

When you take a pebble and you throw it into the water, still water, if you watch what happens to that water, the ridges from that pebble will go all the way across an entire river waterway and it’ll start to come back and overlap.

It just is amazing and mind-blowing.

What we do affects everything around us.

Once you understand that and you start carrying yourself like that, you’re going to have a faster flow in your life.

When you step into your future and you see yourself in that successful, flowing, abundant, joyful, confident, worthy state and you start walking around like that, now you’re going to have people responding to you.

Try that at the store.

Go into the store like a multimillionaire with your shoulders back, knowing that you just completed something that you started a while ago and it’s been very lucrative.

Go out onto a cliff or go along the edge of a lake when it’s really still, throw a pebble in there, and see how the environment around that drop of that pebble into the water responds.

The call to action this week is to just take some actions and notice the results of those actions.

Notice how the world around you responds to you and what you do.

Then remember that I have a picture of an ice crystal that came from someone saying the word hope into water.

I have that on my cell phone, my lock frame, and my lock screen because I want to be reminded when I’m sloppy with the attitude I’m carrying inside myself.

If I’m allowing fear to carry on throughout the day or uncertainty or lack that I’m sending out this energy that’s creating jagged vibrations around me.

And that is when I am focused on my vision.

I’m sending out the beauty in the quantum field and creation is responding to that beauty.

And when I’m in that beautiful state, I can hear and feel and sense my next direction.

I want you to play with that this weekend.

All week, I’ve been talking with you about the courage it takes and the challenges that you face and the joy and the satisfaction of being a master creator, and how not to take your foot off the gas or not allow your internal dialogue to talk you out of it. It’s your birthright.

So as we end this week, go out into the field and see if you can sense how the energy around you responds to you.

I know it’s easy to discover that when you’re in a fall mood because you’ll have a string of things that you’re not interested in continuing to happen.

Then you can get the right to say, my day is going bad.

It started badly, and it’s gone down from there.

Or you can be a master creator and someone who’s creating deliberately, and you can say, I had a bump this morning, but I was able to get back on track and step back into my vision, and I’ve had a beautiful day.

Sending you love, sending you support, sending you encouragement, and excitement to see what you’re continuing to create in this world, the unique impact that only you have in this world.

I love you.