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240 How to Bring Your Future to You

Jul 10, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

And today I want to take you into your future, because this is for everybody, for all of you.

I’m going to make this open enough that you can step into your own unique future, walk around in it, and take a look at it.

So before we step into your future, I want you to think about what you’re creating there, and what you have put down for your vision today.

What’s in the vision?

Is it a successful new business?

Is it a successful art career?

Is it written, completed books?

Is it a relationship?

Is it a level of fitness and vitality?

Is it where you’re living?

Is it a beautiful home or a beautiful living space?

But really, I’m asking about what you’re creating, what you’re wanting to create.

I want you to really lock into it for a moment, right here, right now.

Breathe it in.

Now we’re going to step into the future.

We’re going to take a giant step over the top of all your plans and your vision and your intentions.

We’re going to take a giant step over it, beyond it.

It’s already complete.

So you’re opening your eyes in your completed vision.

You’re experiencing the completeness of it.

How does it feel to see yourself standing in your completed vision?

What’s going on here?

Breathe it in.

Who’s around you?

You’re celebrating.

You’re celebrating the awe, the wonder of having created this magnificence, of having attracted all the components, of allowing yourself, of allowing yourself to have opened paradigms, beliefs, and structures that could have kept you from this moment.

But you opened yourself and you let go of the things that you gotta let go of to become this next version of yourself.

How are you feeling looking at this creation?

How are you feeling at the fact that this is completed and you are now enjoying it, experiencing it fully?

So fantastic.

Are you feeling powerful?

Are you feeling giddy?

What’s going on?

Where are you?

See it and feel it.

Is there a smell, a beautiful scent, or a smell of where you are?

Maybe your favorite foods are being cooked.

Maybe there’s a gathering or a party or a big celebration of success.

And you’re sharing your success and your abundance with key people.

You’re giving back and showing appreciation to key people who supported you along the way, who believed in your dreams, and who saw them with you.

You’re feeling magnificent.

Just lock in that feeling.

Squeeze your hand.

Lock it in.

What just happened was magnificent.

You know what it is.

You’ve been dreaming of it for quite a while and it just completed.

It just happened.

And you’re celebrating and you understand how this creation works.

You understand that you’re a master creator.

All those times that you went into the future and you imagined bit by bit, piece by piece, the elements of what you just created here.

You didn’t know how it was going to happen, but you stayed in trust and you stayed in the understanding that you are in a responsive, collaborative, co-creative universe.

You can feel it.

And when you were nervous about failing, you went into that forward vision and you felt it and it navigated you right where you are now.

And you know the wonder of it.

Really bask in the having of what you’ve created.

The flow, the abundance, the satisfaction, the mastery.

Look at yourself and look at all the ways of being that you took on to be where you are now.

Squeeze it into your hand and feel proud of yourself because you know you’re not done.

You’re creating more and it never stops.

Just take a deep, deep breath.

Remember how you’re feeling.

Notice the joy.

Notice the feeling of accomplishment.

Notice the deep satisfaction of experiencing what you had only envisioned years ago.

And now be walking in it.

Feel the tingling of that satisfaction and the power of knowing that you’re a master creator.

And now just blow a kiss.

Blow a kiss on every aspect of what you created and your appreciation for it.

All the elements that came together for you and how everything worked on your behalf.

Lock this feeling in and carry it with you because you’re continuing forward into your next creation.

Take three or four deep, deep breaths and when you’re ready, you can open your eyes knowing that part of this vision and part of this creation has already been created.

And you’re meditating and you’re going into the vision of it, going into your future and future casting it is acclimating you to the feelings of it.

You locked those feelings into your hands and you can go back there and celebrate this anytime you want. I go daily, many, many times a day.

You get to do the work so that the quantum field, this collaborative universe you’re in, this god force that’s making all sorts of next steps available, are apparent to you every bit of information that’s being sent to you.

You are open to hearing and sensing and following because you’re doing the work with big love and excitement as I see you creating your creations and supporting you in removing anything that’s keeping you from them.

So you can continue to learn and grow and expand along the way because it is the journey that we’re after.

It’s all the things you get to learn, be, shift from, let go of, and newly adapt to and adopt that you’re here for.

Sending you love.