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241 Notice What You Are Doing and Shift

Jul 11, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Do you ever have one of those days?

It sucks and everything seems to be going wrong.

And the more you focus on that, the more it happens, the more things go wrong.

Hey, that’s your reticular activation system at work.


This is the type of day where you really get to dig in and be disciplined.

And this is the type of day where you really start to make a difference in your life.

It’s kind of like when I start running and I haven’t been in a while.

It’s hard that first time.

It’s hard that second time.

It’s hurt that first three weeks, and especially if I don’t keep going every day.

If I let it go for a couple of days and then restart and then let it go a couple of days and then restart, that’s the hardest.

So here you are having a tough day.

What I’m asking you to do is shift it.

Just to decide not to think about your bad day or your tough day.

Instead, make a decision that just to stop the momentum and just start thinking about what you’ve already accomplished in your future.

Just to go ahead into your future vision and decide to feel it and enjoy it and just add to it.

Today’s activity for you is to catch yourself throughout the day thinking about things you don’t want and stop yourself on the dime and just say, okay, now what?

What do I want to think about that I do want?

And the thing about this is if you’re used to wallowing, it’s going to take you a while to get out of this.

You’re going to catch yourself over and over and over.

Or if you’re used to letting everybody know how real what you’re experiencing is, how terrible it is, or how tough it was.

And then start to notice how many people spend time complaining around you or how many times you go to make a comment that isn’t positive.

So this is a day of exploration and exercise.

I want you to notice what your outer and inner environments are.

Are they positive?

Are they focused forward on what you want?

Or are they focused on what you don’t like?

Are they full of remarks or criticism about what other people are doing or what you’re doing or what your partner is doing or whatever it is?

Take a note today and then I want you to stick to this.

So there are two things you have going.

One is to notice the energy around what you say and what people around you say is your environment polluted.

Then I want you to stop it on the dime and shift it.

Stop it and shift it.

Make a decision and decide that you’re going to think about something that you love, something that would bring you great joy and that takes you towards your future.


This is the workaround mindset.

It’s the work around exercising control about what you choose to think because it makes a big difference.

And we’re going to continue this auditing process.

To include other things before the end of the week.

We’re going to continue it to have you considering who you spend time around, and if there’s a litany of complaining, asking you because your vision and your future depend on it, to start making choices about who you spend time around, to make sure that those people and the conversations that you’re having are conducive to the direction that you’re going in.

Have a beautiful day.