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242 What If You Pass It On To The Quantum Field

Jul 11, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Here’s another example.

These things are happening for me and around me almost daily or more than once a day because I’m doing the work.

So I am preparing for a couple of retreats for the first time in the fall for clients and people who are looking to step into another level in their business or they’ve left their job or they have something that they could bundle up that’s content.

They don’t know how to do that.

And it’s supporting people and how to figure out what they have available to make a business an assailable asset.

And it’s going to start with these retreats.

I wanted to make certain local foods, and I’ve been foraging for milkweed flowers.

I mean, before they are flowers when they’re buds.

It’s maybe not known.

A lot of people think milkweed is poison, but the bud itself has been used.

The buds, the cluster of buds, have been used for hundreds of years by the ho-chunk to make a soup called mahinch.

And they call milkweed mahinch.

In ho-chunk, that means milkweed.

So around my area, I usually have a plethora of it, but somebody got on a riding lawnmower in the area that I usually pick it up, and they mowed most of it down.

And I found bits here and there.

But instead of feeling frustrated or panicky because I can’t find it, I just decided to lift it to the quantum field, to God, to the universe.

And so I kind of put my hand up and I put my psychological, spiritual hand up, and I said it would be fantastic to find the milkweed that I need for this recipe for the fall so I can prep it and freeze it.

And so I found a little bit here and a little bit there.

And I was excited.

And all of a sudden, a friend of mine sent me a text today with a picture of an absolutely packed field full of Mahinch.

She said, Anne Klein, where are you?

It’s time to pick.

I had forgotten about Kathy and that her whole hillside was full of milkweed plants.

And there it is.

Two days after I put up a request for milkweed, it showed up.

Where can you use this in your life?

What are you needing?

What are you looking for?

What is something that this example could be used for finances, for money?

You have something coming up, you need money for it.

You feel tight, you feel nervous, and you feel panicked that it’s not in your proximity right now.

How could you go and allow the quantum field to have it show up for you?

All right, sending you love today.