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243 Flow Happens When the Dam Breaks

Jul 14, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go today talking with you about momentum and procrastination, and pretend perfectionism.

That’s something that I coined recently and I was acknowledged by my coach for the brilliance of that comment because I’ve talked with a number of you about this before.

But perfectionism is to me, it’s a glorified version of procrastination that seems classier and more intellectual, but it’s still procrastination.

So overarchingly.

I’m really talking about momentum and what happens every time I talk with you about anything. 

I’m talking about everything.

So it’s hard not to get involved in all sorts of topics, the topics of transformation when I coach you. 

Last week, I completed the first draft.

Something I have been stumbling on and trudging through for three months.

I made an investment of $30,000 in a business system that will support me in creating what I want to create in my business. 

When I got started with this system, I watched a video I onboarded. 

I thought it was a good idea.

It was a company of some young 20-something-year-old guys who created a way to do something better.

And not just one thing, but several things better.

I love startups, I love new ideas.

I love being an early adapter before I coached between leaving my teaching career and doing some network marketing.

I worked for a number of years at a tech startup and I ended up wearing almost every hat that the company had available except the COO hat.

And when I started working with this company that I started connecting with for my current business, it reminded me of many of the things that I experienced in the startup over there. 

And I began to wonder if I had made a good decision. 

I had come to wonder if things were going to continue to change. 

How far? 

I asked myself how far in they were. 

It sure sounded good. 

When I got started, I started to look for outside excuses to not get this particular thing done.

I even considered canceling because they have a six-month cancellation policy.

And then I reminded myself why I got started with it in the beginning and what I saw in it, what my vision was for it.

I also began to really connect with the fact that this was a strategy that I was going to engage with and try, and if I didn’t get going quick enough, I wouldn’t even have any time to explore it under my belt before the trial period had ended.

In addition, I felt it really bogged me down every time I went to do it.

It felt too difficult.

As soon as I would start working on it, some questions would be asked.

Information that I would have to give that I couldn’t decide how to articulate because these people who would be watching it, need to be articulated perfectly or they will disappear.

They will never come into my community.

But then I started thinking that, I mean, that’s important.

It’s just as important to attract the right people into your community as to repel the wrong people so they don’t get into your community. 

The bottom line was all sorts of different things started piling on my shoulders, like things that start to collect behind the water that’s getting caught up with the dam, different branches and tree trunks and things continue to collect.

And at first, they start to strengthen the dam, but pretty soon there are so many behind it that if some of the things in front aren’t strong enough, the dam breaks or something gets loosened in the dam.

And then different aspects start to loosen and flow, and pretty soon everything’s back in flow. 

So what I discovered this last week is finally, with great determination and an eye on vision, focus on vision.

I set a final parameter for myself that at least an initial draft had to be completed by a certain evening.

No matter how long it took me, it was going to be completed.

I connected with several people for whom I do accountability and I told them that some of my deadlines had missed a couple of deadlines before that because I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to do.

But now I knew what I wanted to do.

It was clear to me.

And so I completed it.

I was exhausted when I went to bed but relieved.

I messaged my partner Mike and let him know I completed it.

I messaged a woman that I’m in accountability with.

We’re in a program together for high-level coaching that we get from a multi multi-million dollar coach.

I let her know I completed what I said I was going to.

She put a little emoji out for me, and in the process of me finishing, she checked on me and before I was done, sent me encouragement.

Then I sent three different people who were going to give it a look and give me feedback, a link to the Google Drive that I put it in.

And I celebrated for about five minutes emotionally and went to sleep.

In the morning when I got up, I was loaded with inspiration, ideas, and possibilities that were just coming out of every thought that I had. 

So I got right to the computer.

Normally I go in to meditate and then I go into my future.

And the messages were so loud and they were so inspiring that I sat right down at 5:30 in the morning and began seeing my presentation more clearly and immediately making powerful edits.

Now, all day that day I continued to get inspiration, direction, and clarity from even people and conversations that weren’t necessarily about that particular project.

The universe, the quantum field, God force creation.

So evidently, obviously is working with us all the time.

And when we stop the motion, we’re stopping the energy, we’re stopping the hunches, we’re stopping the conversation.

As soon as we start making a movement, and a lot of you have experienced this, the Earth moves for us.

Space becomes made, the flow begins to move again.

So my coaching today and this week is around the power of doing the next thing, the power of setting a target for yourself and keeping it.

The power of if you’re not able to keep it, renegotiating with yourself and not stopping, not giving up until you complete having integrity with yourself and the kinds of incredible responsiveness you get from that, from the universe, from all that is. 

Sending you love today.