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244 Today I’m Thankful for Completion

Jul 17, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Yesterday, I outlined for you a process that I painfully engaged with for three months.

And as I’m sitting here now and writing what I’m thankful for today.

The word completion comes up, and along with that comes an understanding of the pressure that I was feeling, the guilt, the variety of feelings from not getting the process done as quickly as I wished, and then now the relief.

And it reminds me of the birthing process of having a child.

It’s the same thing when you birth the resistance or the challenge or the expansion.

There is a level of, how should I say it?

Resistance, and there’s a level of confusion and fear.

How will it work out?

Do I have what it takes?

Do I know enough?

And it’s a natural process.

So if you just relax through it and take your next step and your next step and your next step, you birth your own expansion.

And on the other side of it is this relief, this feeling of peacefulness.

If you don’t keep navigating through it, waiting through it, trudging through it, pushing through it.

I think of walking through muck with boots on, and it’s kind of like there’s a suction wanting to keep you in your place.

And it takes effort.

And if you don’t walk through that or continue moving through it, you just stay in it and it stays uncomfortable.

So sometimes people can feel embarrassed that they’re taking so long.

A birthing process takes as long as it takes.

And when you finally surrender and stop fighting and understand that it’s a natural process and it will take its course, and you interject a level of trust and also a commitment to taking the next step, feeling your way, and taking the next step, then you start moving through it, and then you continue moving through it, and you complete.

So today’s coaching is just a description of the variety of things that you experience that are normal and natural in an expansion.

And then the feeling of calm and peace when all that agitation, resistance, uncertainty, feelings of insecurity or unworthiness, when all of that subsides.

And it’s a dynamic process that’s worth it.

And it’s the contrast that causes us to become bigger.

There was a time in my life when I felt like if something didn’t feel good, it wasn’t right to be doing it.

And now I realize how off that was.

There are certain times when you feel really good in your hunches and your following of your hunches, but there are times when things aren’t quite ready yet.

Like you’ve got a cake in the oven and it’s a high humidity day, so it’s taking longer to bake, and you could just decide to pull it out early and it won’t be right.

There’s this part of the process that is like the transition of a real birth of a child.

Transition is an uncomfortable, confusing time period where you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing, whether or not you’ve experienced it.

You can take my word for it.

They call it transition because it’s confusing and it doesn’t have clarity.

Once you get past that and it doesn’t last forever, there’s incredible clarity.

And there’s a baby.

Or in the case of my process the other day, there’s a completion of a project, an idea, or a thing, and there’s clarity, and there’s a peacefulness, and there’s a feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

And then there are more, more opens and the flow continues.

And the flow that you were stopping, it’s all still right there.

So as soon as you’ve continued to move forward and open it, it starts flooding through.

You can’t do the wrong thing.

Sending you love.