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245 Using Pain to Choose

Jul 17, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

So what we’ve been talking about for the last two days, or I have been talking about, and then hopefully it sparked some conversation with you, within yourself, or with others is momentum.

When I wasn’t doing my work, I was creating momentum that wasn’t taking me forward.

But there was momentum there.

The momentum was one that I didn’t care for.

But the more days I continued to not take the next steps.

It created more of a pull to remain in the space I was in.

And that’s what happens.

You’ve got different momentum.

And there’s always momentum, though.

It’s a momentum towards what you want, or it’s a momentum towards what you don’t want.

So in the case for me, I had been really feeling like I was in a struggle to complete certain things, and in that, I was creating more and more power to stay away from completion.

As I let days go by and weeks go by and months go by, what was it that helped me shift my momentum?

It was finally realizing that I had to get out of that state, that nothing good was going to happen from me staying where I was.

And it started to actually get painful emotionally.

So thank you for the pain and discomfort, because sometimes it’s the very thing that we need to shift us forward to help us make a different choice so that we can change our momentum from what isn’t taking us where we want to go to one that is moving us forward.

Where in your life are you creating momentum right now?

Is it momentum towards what you want?

Or is it momentum towards a resistance to what you want.

And think about different things you’ve done?

We make these lists in SpiritRiver coaching.

I encourage you to make posters or keep journals on the decisions you make that start creating a momentum that you like saying yes to.

Something starts creating a momentum, and starting to work on something starts opening doors that you can’t see, but that you can feel and perceive because things start to happen in your favor and they’re in relation to the very thing that you’ve been working on fortuitous things start to happen.

So that’s the coaching for today.

It’s about momentum.

It’s about noting the kind of momentum you have going and making some decisions to start shifting it for yourself.

Sending you love.