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 246 How to Keep New Momentum Moving

Jul 17, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, on day three in this batch of talking about momentum.

Once you start making a shift and slowing or stopping the momentum that you had, it’s really easy, because you have a well-worn path to it, to drop the ball again and go right back to where you were because there’s a strong current there.

So there are some things that I do in particular to really get the inertia going on the new momentum, and I want to share those with you today.

So since I completed this three-month project at midnight the other night, I have been getting all sorts of flow and ideas, and the dam is broke, so all sorts of stuff is coming by.

That’s fabulous.

The first thing that came by was the morning after, a bunch of inspiring ideas.

So I immediately sat down in my chair before I did any other thing, and I let those flood out onto paper.

Then I did my normal meditation and morning routine and got about my day.

And I had another thing going.

I had an interview with a speaker that I used to have on my show who had mentioned something to me in passing years ago, and her conversation popped up, and it was pertinent to the moment.

And I had a meeting set up between four different people, actually three.

And there was a surprise additional visitor at that meeting, and we talked about getting together for this woman to present her thoughts about purchasing coaching programs to my entrepreneur group.

In the meantime, I end up meeting a new gentleman on this call, and he’s got a master class that night.

So he throws a link out to us, and the one woman says, I can’t make it.

And I say almost politely, without real commitment, I’ll see what I can do to make it later.

As a rule of thumb, I do not say that or let other people get away with saying it because it’s usually a polite way of saying, I’m not attending.

So as that echoed in my mind after the meeting, I decided I would keep my word and I would step up and be on his master class in attendance.

I got back to SpiritRiver.

I hooked up my connectivity, I jumped on his master class, and I had the most powerful experience I’ve had in a long time, and it was me taking action on Hunches.


So I had, like, an inkling about, okay, I’m at my SpiritRiver.

It’s time I’ll just jump in.

Besides, it’s in integrity to jump in.

I was rewarded with this powerful, powerful experience.

And the next morning, because I had a meeting with him, I could make personal contact and tell him how impactful what he created was.

And I asked him if he was free to have a chat.

And instead of asking if he would chat in a few days, in the spirit of keeping my momentum going and taking action on what comes to me, I stopped in my tracks and said to him, I’m free now if you are in a message.

He responded I’m free in 30 minutes.

So I went on a walk run, the phone rang, and there he was.

We had a chat, and within a couple of minutes, he was booked to speak at my next event.

And everything worked out in his calendar, everything worked out in mine.

It was easy as pie.

A four-minute conversation full of appreciation and joy.

So why am I telling you all this?

These are examples of what is following for me after I pushed through something that was quite challenging for me to complete it with integrity.

And I wasn’t in integrity all the way through because I missed my deadline about six times.

And I finally decided it was getting painful because the results of me not completing were going to start to cause other problems in my life.

And so I hooked back up with my vision and I decided I was going to complete it before the end of that day.

I did it.

And now these are the benefits, these are the hunches, the breadcrumbs that are taking me forward from that completion.

This whole week is about the looks and feels of what happens when you push through something that’s really challenging for you and get to the other side, and then how to keep that momentum moving.

So I hope this supported you today.

I’m always interested in your comments, so feel free to always push reply on the email or even more if you want to influence others in your comments.

Pop into the Facebook page, talk about what you’re referring to, and tell us your experience.

Sending you love today.