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248 Are You Ignoring the Roadmap to What You Want

Jul 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, it’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

I’ve experienced a couple of times in my life powerful events that helped me understand that I am really connected, that the things that I see and hear that feel like they’re in my imagination are actually specifically there for me.

And they are the messages that I’m meant to see and follow.

They are answers to problems or answers to requests.

Recently, yesterday, a series of events happened that led me to be on a Zoom on the side of the country road with a couple of content creators and a gentleman I’d never met who said, “Hey, I’m having a master class later today in 2 hours and here’s the link”.

And he said I do breath work and work with sound and I do powerful exercises.

So this man was a paraplegic.

Now he is using his upper body.

I’m not sure if he’s also using other parts, but he has been healing himself and he came up with this powerful auditory and breathwork exercise.

I told him I would try and get in and that’s just a BS thing to say to somebody.

I’ll try because it’s usually the coward’s way of saying no, I’m not going to be there.

And in rehearing myself say that as I drove away after the meeting, I decided I was going to follow through and actually go to that master class.

So when I got back to SpiritRiver, I signed up for it.

I jumped in and within a couple of minutes, we were doing an exercise with some really intense breath work and partnering that with listening to particular sound vibrations.

And before I knew it, it seemed like my brain was an observatory.

And the big door at the top of the observatory opened and a big light was cast out the back of my head and I could see and perceive things.

I could see things that I’d seen in what seemed like my mind.

I could see them playing out.

And the point of me telling you about this exercise, it was powerful is that it was another exercise in my life where it became apparent to me that the pictures and images and things that float through my mind during the day are to be taken seriously.

Years ago I was in a ceremony with a Native American friend of mine.

I was struggling with something and he offered to do the ceremony with me and I said yes and did.

And during that ceremony, I saw many things, pictures, and almost like movies.

I saw my past, my present, my future.

I saw a variety of things.

And when I came out of that experience, I realized that the images that I see regularly going throughout my normal day, the images I see in my head are for me, they’re not just random or creative or whimsical like a child.

They are images that I’m meant to put down in my artwork.

They’re hunches, they’re next steps, they’re real, they’re grounded.

And I have it all within me.

I don’t need to look outside of myself for it.

All I need to do is to connect.

And what I’m saying to connect with is everything that’s around you, spirit, that energetic, collaborative field around you.

So today, having experienced that powerful experience yesterday, I wanted to message the gentleman who I met yesterday on Zoom and let him know how powerful the experience was.

In fact, it was so powerful, I had to exit out of the master class.

I should say I chose to exit because I wanted to stay in that vibration and see what I was seeing.

I just wanted to be in that space on the top of my head.

And here I was this morning telling this man how powerful it was in thanking him.

And I wanted to chat with him.

I wanted to see if he would consider doing an event for our community or coming in as a guest speaker at one of our next events.

And instead of doing what I normally do and saying, because it’s Thursday.

Instead of me saying, well, let’s talk Tuesday or Monday, I just mentioned, hey, I’m free.

Because I’m in this momentum right now of completion.

I completed the first draft of my onboarding process, and I’ve been coaching you around how it’s opening all sorts of things for me, and I want to keep this momentum going, the momentum of the now.

So we ended up jumping on the phone a half hour after that, and he said, yes, he would love to present in our community and share with his community what I’m doing.

And he looked at his calendar, it was wide open for the day that I wanted to do it.

And so within an hour of me waking up to say thank you to this gentleman, we are in the next steps, where he’s going to be sharing his information with the SpiritRiver community and then hooking people into the SpiritRiver community who are looking for it.

So why am I telling you all this?

Two reasons.

One is there are things that you think about and you see that you ignore.

That are there for you, to guide you, to take you where you get to go.

And they are hunches, they are visual images, maybe they’re musical, maybe they’re sounds, but they are in your proximity and they are being broadcast to you in a way that is natural for you.

So often you’ll ignore it.

That’s not why it’s broadcast to you that way, but it’s so second nature, the way it’s coming to you, that you ignore it.

So me, I see things.

When I look at things, I see more than what is there.

I see ideas come when I’m looking.

And I used to just think those were random ideas, or sometimes if they were wildly creative, I would just see them as wildly creative.

Now, I know that when I get a visual image or I get an idea like to take my passport right to the post office instead of throwing it into the mailbox.

I follow those hunches and it takes me from one thing to the next to the next.

So because I finished and did and had completed this so-called like, I like to call it a dam with ideas broke.

And now all these ideals, the ideas are shooting through and I am speeding up my life by taking action on everything that I can at the moment and not waiting on it.

And what I’m experiencing in that is all sorts of continued opportunities coming.

So that’s my coaching for you today.

If you look inside of yourself what images, what messages, what sounds, what information keeps coming to you way in back there, way up there, way in the subconscious, it’s floating around.

What if you take that seriously?

What great ideas are you passing up on a regular basis?

That’s today’s coaching.

Just to be aware that you are already connected to that quantum field, to God’s force.

And when you ask for something, it’s being delivered.

So are you paying attention to the signals?

Have a beautiful day.