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249 What Do You Truly Know

Jul 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

You know, for years, decades, I desperately wanted my dad to tell me that he loved me.

And he didn’t say it.

And he doesn’t say it often.

I think up to my age, almost 50.

I heard him say it maybe two times, three times, and in my forties, I went to a Tony Robbins event.

And a lot of people laugh about Tony Robbins.

Like he’s trivial or like he’s just showy, but he’s a gateway for people, for learning.

And he did a big five-day thing on relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself and then going into your relationships with others and your rules and your beliefs and how all that plays into how you operate.

And we went into a meditation of sorts.

And it’s in there that I saw that in everything, that in almost every one of the major experiences that I went back and remembered, my dad had a hand in setting it up for me.

I never realized it.

Like all the camping, the sports, the play, and the experiences in life, my dad had a big hand in being a conduit for putting me in the place for me to explore that, and yet he didn’t say he loved me.

So I always wondered.

I mean, I would say, of course, my dad loves me, but I didn’t internally know it.

And when I went to that, it made it so clear to me how much he loved me, even in the discipline.

And then I told him that one day, I told him about what I learned, and I told him that he never had to tell me again because I knew it.

I just knew it, and I could feel it.

Today’s coaching is about you really opening yourself up to see and hear.

We all have different ways that are easy for us to see and hear, and then we have ways that are more subtle.

What aren’t you paying attention to?

Or what inherently do you know down deep without the societally acceptable methods of hearing?

Whether it’s your creativity, your intuition, your hunch, your whimsy, or your joy, where do you hear what’s true?

And why do you wait for it to be said to you?

If you do, why does it have to be spoken?

A lot of the hunches I’m talking about from yesterday’s coaching and today, they just show up.

We have a complex being that’s picking up signals from all over.

Spirit connects with us in all different ways.

So really open your senses so that you can hear what’s there.

And it’s never too late to hear it.

Because once I learned what?

I understood newly about my father.

It rewrote my whole history with my dad.

And when I look back into my past now, I just see love.

I used to see discipline, punitive discipline, and now I just see love and I appreciate it.

And I feel so blessed, connected, and loved.

Have a beautiful day.