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250 Completion Momentum and Serendipity

Jul 24, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Now, in my story from this week, and for this week, I’m laying out a very interlaced, complex, multi-layered story for you.

And it’s a continuation of my walking you into the powerful connectivity that you have that makes you a master creator.

The things that you often ignore or you think are fleeting thoughts, the hunches that you get, how to connect with that, how to play in that realm, how to really plug in.

It’s like you are the plug, or maybe your creativity, your whimsy, your subconscious is the plug, and then you plug it into the outlet, and then you become a free-flowing conduit for all that creativity and energy.

I want to back up some of the quotes, coincidences, and quote, of the last couple of days here.


So as you know, last week I made completion on something that was a struggle for me.

There were things that were causing me to not move forward, and I wasn’t always certain what they were.

And when I finally was able to step forward and have some level of completion, all sorts of things started coming forward.

The dam broke, and because there was flow, all the things that had been building up behind this project started to flow through.

And so what started to happen?

I had been waiting on hearing from a speaker that my entrepreneurial group wanted to hear about.

She sent me a message.

I forwarded that message.

That message was taken, and a calendar invite was created.

In the meantime, I was getting all sorts of different materials that were coming for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Really fun repurposing possibilities.

Windows, doors, barn wood, floors.

See how that rhymed?

And then I also spotted a beautiful Amish quilt.

Years ago, I bought an Amish quilt with wedding money from when I got married the first time, and we went out to Pennsylvania and bought a quilt and an Amish bentwood rocker because Penn State is out in the Amish area.

So here I saw on Facebook Marketplace an Amish Quilt for $100 that was like a fraction of what just a fraction of what we paid.

And it was like a star quilt of red, white, and blue, deep colors that would look fantastic at SpiritRiver.

So I had this flow of things because I decided to start moving ahead on my construction project, my renovation project.

I had put closure on the first draft of my onboarding process for coaching, and so things were moving there.

And then within the Visionary Leaders Group, all of a sudden, things were happening there, and a meeting was scheduled.

So here I am driving up, getting the quilt, coming down an old country road in Wisconsin from north down to SpiritRiver, and I have to stop for a zoom on the side of the highway.

So I pull over, and in this zoom, there are all sorts of fortuitous things happening.

It’s beautiful outside.

I’m getting good connectivity, and there’s someone I don’t know on the Zoom call, and it turns out he’s ready to have a master class that night.

And I’m just going with the flow.

Absolutely going with the flow, because I know that there is flow happening because I made that completion on my project, and so there’s an easy way for me to go backward by not following the flow.

So I’m consciously making decisions to keep my momentum going when this gentleman that I’ve never met before says, Hey, I’m having a master class in 2 hours.

I’m going to give you ladies a link, and then I’m going to be doing some breathwork exercises that I do that are powerful that I’ve created.

I was a paraplegic, and now I’m able to function, and I do a lot of interesting work.

Okay, so one of the speakers says, I can’t attend.

I’m busy.

And then I tell this gentleman that I’ll see if I can make it.

Now, as a rule, I stopped saying that years ago.

I’ll try to make it, or I’ll try anything because try usually is a coward’s way of saying, I’m not going to do it, or I’m not going to be there.

So on my way home, I was hearing myself saying those words to this gentleman.

I decided as soon as I get to SpiritRiver, I’m going to jump on that master class, even though I’m tired and I don’t really feel like it.

So I got there, I jumped in, and I experienced one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done on Zoom, and then it compelled me to jump off halfway through the masterclass because I was seeing things in my head.

I was seeing things. It was almost like I had an old-fashioned slide projector projecting light out the back of my head, and there were movies, or maybe it was like an old movie being shown movies, like home movies.

I could see my future coming out like it was being broadcast or on a light on a projected light coming out the back of my head.

So I jumped off the call or the Zoom, and I honored that, and I just sat in that, and it continued through the night.

I didn’t even want to focus my eyes, because I was seeing out of a different part of my being.

When I’m in a spiritual place, I often feel up there.

I feel there’s stuff going on up there, but I felt like the back of my head opened, and it was being shown on, like, a screen.

So in the morning, I wanted this gentleman I just met to know what kind of experience I had.

And as we started interacting, I asked instead of saying, would you like to meet in three or four days?

Because my momentum is on a roll.

I don’t want to stop it.

I just thought, why don’t I let him know that I’m free now?

So in a half hour, he contacted me.

And within ten minutes, he had space in his calendar and he was booked for my next event, at which time he was going to share his powerful, powerful technique.

And I skipped home.

I skipped home on the country road, as happy as a child.

Because what’s going on in my life, there’s all this momentum, there’s serendipity.

Things are happening that I don’t have to plan.

I set my intention out into the field of energy and receptivity and collaboration, and I didn’t fret on it, I didn’t do work on it, and I didn’t force anything.

And all these beautiful things are flowing.

So where in your life can you complete some things?

And then when you start getting momentum or if you have completed some things and you’re experiencing momentum, how can you keep moving it forward?

It’s glorious when you’re in the flow.

Sending you love.