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252 NOT Being Oblivious to the Cues

Jul 27, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

All right, so now that you have articulated to yourself the modalities that you learn from, the best ways that you learn the cues that you pick up.

Now I’m going to ask you to get really perceptive and go in and sense if you have been getting information from outside yourself.

When you get this information, how does it show up for you?

And if you’re not sure you’ve been getting it and it’s always there, your work is to acknowledge the way you receive information so that you can tune in the dial of this communication, acknowledge it, know it’s there, and keep it on all the time.

An example is that now when I am walking in nature, I’m sitting out on the cliff.

I walk by a beautiful flower and when it catches me, it calls me back.

It’s fascinating to me for some reason.

And then if I go to walk away from it before I’ve taken a photo or taken time to really engage with it, part of my being keeps calling me back until I walk back and I really take a good look at it.

And then I typically snap a snapshot so I can take a look at it later because it’s telling me that I need that information for later.

Yesterday, I was at the Botanical Gardens, and there was a beautiful begonia, a wax begonia with a giant white flower.

And it was reminiscent of Bertha Morisseau, a female painter in the Impressionist movement, and her style of work.

I know it was a flower, but it reminded me of this painting that is one of my favorites at the Chicago Art Institute of a woman at her dressing table or a woman at her toilet.

And it was so whippy looking that I had to grab a photo of it because I didn’t know if it was going to end up in a drawing or if it’s just something that I want to draw or if it’s just something that I need to learn from.

But because of my understanding now of how my being communicates with me, my inner being communicates with me, I didn’t walk by and ignore it.

I stopped in my tracks.

I went back and I got a picture of it sometimes, like when I was kayaking on the river and I saw the top of that cliff and I knew that it was the shoulder of my being in my drawing.

I take a picture or I say yes, I see and I understand, and I go back and I work on it.

In this case with the begonia.

I’m not sure what it’s presenting to me at this moment, but I have it, I’ve kept it, and I’ve paid attention.

So how do you get information when you’re going through life?

At what times do you get stopped by part of your being to really look at something or really listen to something or really you find something profound and it stops you in your tracks.

I want you to take that information and keep it in a file.

Get curious about it, pay attention to it, and see where it takes you.

That’s important information.

I’m constantly working to support you in your creative motion forward, and I’m hoping that this will be of value to you today.

These are the things that I do to tune myself up.

Pay attention, get the hunches, and continue moving forward in a really fascinating life.

Sending you love.