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256 Standing Under the Drip

Aug 1, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Opening up another doorway for you to reveal some of the ludicrous rules that you have and beliefs.

Today I want you to focus on things you feel guilty about.

What do you feel guilty about?

Because that exposes more of your rules.

So I’ve, in the past, felt guilty about using too much toilet paper.

It might sound funny, but we had a two-sheet and a four-sheet rule at our house.

Two sheets, you know, what you use that for, and four sheets for the other.

But really, that’s like half of what you really need, and you end up with a wet hand anyway.

I often felt guilty about taking a nice shower, a long shower.

And we had a lot of rules around conservation.

We had a big family.

So I, in the past, have had guilt about overusing.

I think that part of my stepping into being an environmentalist was out of the structured rules we had about the usage of water, materials and money.

So I don’t know what environment you grew up in, but I’m sure you have rules that you were taught that when you don’t follow those rules, you feel guilty.

And it’s a great way to pull those up because then you can take a look at them now.

Right now, something that’s really fantastic for me is I have well water, so I take a really long shower.

It helped me not to feel guilty about that, but they’re all different ways.

If I were to put that rule down, you don’t waste water.

Or the rule is we used to actually have a shower in the basement and we had to turn off the water and it was cold down there to lather up and then turn it on.

To shower up, then turn it off, do whatever else, then turn it on, then turn it off.

So very little water was being used.

And I remember standing under it leaked, a little bit.

So standing under the drip so I could get a little heat from the dripping hot water, and I knew how far I could turn the spigot on or the faucet on so that it would flow out in a little drip without you being able to hear it in the plumbing.

Then if we were out for sports, we were at the high school, we could take the long shower, a shower as long as we wanted.

And we were told that we needed to take our shower at school.

So you can see from certain necessities with how you were raised, there will be certain structures that you were taught to follow.

And then in those actions, there are underlying rules.

So the underlying rule is you don’t waste materials.

It costs money.

And then there are some rules around money.

We don’t waste money, we don’t waste resources.

We handle our money a certain way.

We handle our resources a certain way.

So what I’m getting at here is you get to take a look into what makes you feel guilty, because those feelings are usually linked to things that you decided were true and that you had to follow and you’re not following them.

And then next week, I’m going to take you into some really great ways to unravel those logically, emotionally, etcetera.

But in the meantime, I’ve been giving you some different ways to loosen up your underlying structures.

And we talk about this every so often because it’s essential to growth and transformation.

And as you live each day, things pop up.

And if you know the signals to look for, then you can do these processes and use these tools on your own and you become self-cleaning.

So I highly recommend you take these rules that you’re discovering through guilt or through shoulds and shouldn’ts and things that I’ve been talking about.

And if you’re visual, throw them down on a poster.

You could put each one on its own eventually, but you could throw them down on a big wall size post-it or poster.

Or if you like to keep things in a binder, throw them into a notepad or a diary.

But I definitely would not let these just dangle in the open air.

These are to be looked at.

If you want to make some major shifts, this is a great way to do it.

I don’t care how long I’ve been doing this work.

I find things, I discover things, and I discover a deeper level of a lot of the rules and paradigms.

And I might have decided that I don’t need the rules anymore and I might still find that I’m following it.

So we’re going to keep working on this.

Have a beautiful day.