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257 Rule Belief Paradigm Structure Discovery!

Aug 2, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

And this is day five of our rule paradigm belief, structure, and discovery.

And today we’re going to spend some time noticing the rules and structures that you created that have been working for you, the great ones, the best of.

So I want you to put on your list of rules and structures, write down the ones that you love and that you would keep today.

And then make a note of the rules that you have that on some level you can see continuing to use.

They have great value, but you just want to tweak them.

If I were to get into one of these, for example, it would be that family loves family.

That when you’re in a family, you care for each other.

Now, my rules over time became pretty extreme, where you have to drop everything for your family member or you don’t love them.

So I would put a note by that one that there’s a beautiful rule there about love and family, but I get to do some architectural restructuring on that rule to make it really work for me so that the love can be beneficial and gentle and loving for me and my family members.

And it doesn’t set me up for a life that’s going to cause me pain when I’m trying to create more love.

So today is observational, this is a short one, but I want you to go into your rules.

Which rules do you have that come up when you ask yourself.

What rules have I made for myself that have really supported me in my life?

We’ve done rules around guilt and other things.

What rules have I created in my life that I’m so thankful for, that have worked for me and have made my life beautiful?

One example is a simple rule that I have around my birthday, that my birthday is a day of celebration.

That’s what it is.

And every year it’s different, but it’s always a magnificent day.

I have never worked on my birthday because of this.

I have always celebrated.

And lately with my parents, the ages that they are, I now actually go to their house and bring gifts and thank them for the life that they created for me.

So it’s an ongoing, full-blown day of beauty.

Sometimes it’s just quiet and other times it’s a big celebration, a big party.

But I’ve set myself up by putting a rule around it that it’s a day of celebration and it’s a day of happy celebration, that it has created a beautiful full life of birthdays for me.

So what have you had that you created?

That’s a rule that’s created beauty and success in your life.

Jot it down.

Today’s a day of appreciating your rules and structures.

Have a beautiful day.