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258 You Can Rewrite History

Aug 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Last week, in the chronology of the History of Coaching on the Go part one, I talked about ways that you can dislodge your beliefs, your paradigms, and your structures.

Your operating system has these underlying structures and they are created when you’re a little child.

And if you’ve never gone in and looked at those, really taken a look at those like when you look at fear.

So you can really knock it down to size and break it down and decide if it’s legitimate.

If you’ve never done that with your rules and your structures, then chances are you are operating on the structure of a five-year-old.

And the things that were said to you that you didn’t fully understand yet when you were little, they were reinforced over your lifetime.

And they’re so subtle that they are now within you as subtly as you breathing in and out.

In addition, because they are rules and beliefs and paradigms, they are what you believe is true.

They are how your being is set up to see the world.

Have you ever seen that phrase, whatever you believe is true?

That’s because your mind, your reticular activation system that we love to talk about, your RAS in the back of your brain, it will align you with whatever you believe.

That’s why in times of political upheaval, whatever people believe is true will filter whatever they hear to justify what they believe.

And so you’ll have that’s happened in our recent history here.

You can really take advantage of the information you disseminate to people in this way because if you have a bias towards something, you see that bias and you travel towards it.

So when you have a paradigm with a statement like I had as a child, that it’s hard to make money as an artist, and another paradigm around the same thing that follows that rule.

If you are going to make a living, you’re not going to do it with your art and you have to have something else going.

So that creates a struggle.

If I have things going on like that, if you are somebody who’s got a desire to have a beautiful, loving relationship, but you believe that men aren’t to be trusted, that’s going to be a problem.

So I want you to look at you’re going to be looking at your rules and seeing if they even make sense.

You’re going to be looking for evidence to disprove the part of the rule that you want to let go of that’s not working for you.

And you’re going to be looking for evidence to take your rule that you rewrite it in your favor and you’re going to look for evidence that’s going to back that up.

And then if you still are struggling big with being able to shift your feelings around this rule, then you get to go deep in for coaching.

I go in and I have different methods that I use so that you can reframe your thinking around this rule.

So what are we doing this week?

It’s a big process.

It’s a big auditing process, but you can break it down, and I will be breaking it down for you.

What we’re doing is we’re reframing our understanding around a rule or structure that’s been with us for decades.

We’re going to respect it, we’re going to appreciate why it was there, and we’re going to reframe it.

And because you’re intelligent and your mind is intelligent, we’re going to come up with lots of different background information that’s going to support us in thinking a new way and rewriting our history with this rule.

It’s big and it may take more than a week, but I’m going to take you through the baby steps of editing your operating structures in a way where you can lock them in and they can become a new way of living.

So if you are interested and you’re struggling with antiquated rules, connect with me.

Besides pod coaching in this community and one on one coaching, there is a level of coaching where you can just get the coaching on the go and come to a master class, a coaching session once a month and really benefit from it.

So there’s something for everybody here.

Sending you love and challenging you to take a good look at what you have available.

So that you can change the things that are blocking you in life and you can stay aligned with your vision and continue on the path of moving into it and living that satisfying, meaningful life.

Life that you came for.

Sending you love.