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26 Integrity

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, it’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go. I’m kind of whispering because I’m in a corridor early, early in the morning at a hotel where I’m staying, and in all the transit and the confusion, I didn’t tape my Coaching on the Go early. I often like to do it right before I post it. So instead of letting it slip by and not doing it and just pretending I didn’t do it, I’m out here producing it, getting it back into the email for you. And you’re going to get it late today, but you will be getting it today. I’m about 3 hours different in time zones, and I’m still on time over here, but I know it’s not on time where you are today.

So today I’m just talking about recovery. Being resourceful in a situation where you maybe would just decide to let something go. Because you have integrity with yourself and those around you, you figure out how to be as resourceful as possible and you get what you promised done anyway. Maybe it’s not perfect, but you accomplish it and you deliver on it. There’s that thing called integrity, and integrity with self is the most important integrity of all, and that’s where integrity starts when it’s really authentic.

So if you take the time to keep your word to yourself, you’re exercising that integrity muscle, and because you’ll have the momentum of completion, you’ll be less and less likely to let things go and pretend you didn’t, to let them slip by and act like you can just forget about them. So once you get used to picking up the pieces from wherever they are and coming through in the best possible way, you’re setting yourself up for that sort of integrity and professionalism across the board in your life.

So that’s today’s coaching. It just organically came out of the ether, the quantum field. My life, and the day in the life of Anne M Klein. So I want to encourage you to pick up from wherever you spot that you have slipped in your integrity. Just pick up from there and do your best and turn it in the right direction, so it’s a win in integrity and a vote for your own personal foundation and structure. If you love this because you’ve experienced it, click reply on it and send me a note. I’ve loved hearing from you guys, so keep it up.