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262 A Coffee Clutch To Help

Aug 8, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

With another exciting way for you to shift your rules, paradigms, and beliefs in that direction.

That you want to be going so that you’re not resisting your own beautiful new future.

And today I want to talk with you about something that’s going to take you out to socialize.

And that’s engaging in dialogue with other people about this particular rule.

Discuss the rule or the belief with some other people, maybe your family members.

I do that with my siblings.

We talk about some of the rules and structures that we grew up with.

We engage with those.

We talk about them, we laugh about them.

We talk about how they still are alive and well, and we just have a dialogue around them.

When you engage in a respectful conversation, a joyful conversation,

And an engaging conversation around these antiquated rules.

It can provide you with new insight and it can change your preconceived notions

And it can help release things because you’re doing it in a social setting.

Today is short and sweet.

Your call to action is to pick somebody: a girlfriend, a partner, a husband, a wife

Or just someone you’re chatting with at work.

Talk about an antiquated rule dig into it and have an engaging conversation, maybe over coffee, maybe over lunch.

That’s going to help you release and it will pull more up about that particular rule, more reasons, compelling reasons.

Why you should probably get rid of it, or even reasons why it was there in the first place.

So that you don’t feel agitated that you were gullible.

Or that you chose to follow a rule structure or paradigm that now seems silly.

Remember, you were really little when you adopted that.

You were young and you were doing your best when you decided, based on what happened or what was told to you.

That you needed to do these certain things to be loved and to be good and to be lovable.

So keep notes on these.

I’m giving you one a day and there’ll be ten total.

This would be fantastic to keep under a really cool magnet on your refrigerator.

So that when you come across a structure that you’ve been following, it doesn’t seem to make sense.

You can go through these steps.

You can choose the ones that will work for you, and you can make a shift.

Sending you big love as you go through this exciting process, ongoing process.

Have a great day.