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264 Do You Know You Are Bias

Aug 11, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Today we’re at number six.

And this one is so pertinent today, to our time in history.

And you can see why when I talk about it.

But we all have different biases.

We have cognitive biases.

And if we don’t challenge those.

We just go down a path, a momentum.

I could say, thinking a certain way and not being open to other possibilities.

So when you’re aware of those biases that may reinforce your antiquated belief.

It helps you to release them.

And common biases are like confirmation bias.

Favoring information that confirms your existing beliefs.

So if you’re not being curious, if you’re not being neutral.

You can just keep gravitating towards things that prove whatever you’ve been doing to be true and right.

I talked about this in our very first segment on this.

That you’ve got certain ways of thinking and believing.

And if you’re expanding and you’re in transformation.

It’s really important that you kind of throw the deck of cards up in the air.

And really look and perceive and experience a new when you’re dealing with shifting things.

Otherwise, you’re going to lock right back into the same vibration, the same patterns, the same momentum you’ve been in before.

And another bias is called availability bias.

Just relying on whatever information you usually have available.

Or you are usually around.

Because we see that in the news right now.

Because we have all these tools in the computer, in social media, in the news that people can gather data on you.

And then you can be getting things that are related to everything that you click everywhere you look.

So your reticular activation system does that naturally.

Where if you believe something, you gravitate towards more of it, you hear more of it.

And you tune out the things that don’t align with it.

But now we’ve got technology that has algorithms in it.

And people can gather information and on a computer or AI.

They can continue gathering information about your habits.

And even you get listened to through your phone because you know that when you’re talking about something.

Then you see an ad for it later in the phone because you had your phone close to you.

So there are so many ways that we can be guided to stay on the same pathway that we’ve been in.

And you get to be resourceful and challenge these cognitive biases that you have.

And you have to do that if you want to shift yourself into new territory.

So today, number six, and that challenges your biases.

Challenge your confirmation bias and your availability bias, your cognitive biases.

The things that are comfortable for you that you’ve been doing all this time.

And you can do that by stepping into a place of neutrality and curiosity that will really support.

Have a beautiful day.

I love you.