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265 How to Disprove Antiquated Beliefs

Aug 14, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

With number seven in a line of different ways that you can shift old beliefs, paradigms, and structures.

So that you can keep moving towards what you want.

Instead of bumping against the resistance that was formed long, long ago with old beliefs.

And a system that you haven’t updated.

I mean, how often do you hear people say.

Have you updated your operating system?

People just don’t do that typically.

So here you are involved in something.

That very few people do that can make a huge difference in your life.

And today I’m talking about counter examples.

I love this because I like disproving things that I don’t want to continue.

And I talked about this a bit yesterday in the way that I handled some scenarios that I wanted and didn’t want.

How I could embrace those scenarios by thinking certain ways.

And let go of other scenarios by thinking certain ways.

There’s a book that was written called Prove Anything with Statistics.

I thought that was an interesting title.

Because you can prove anything to yourself.

By gathering the data and really steeping yourself into it.

And this is something that you get to choose.

So I want you to look for real-life examples.

That disprove your antiquated belief.

Find some reasons.

When I talk about how hard it is for artists to make money.

I can look around and find artists making a lot of money.

I can see it.

I can see people who thrive and who are making a great living at their work.

My sister is one of them.

She got out of grad school.

She had a struggle for a while where they one time even had to search through their whole house for enough change to buy some food.

But that was the last time she was in that situation.

And it was right when she got started.

And now she has a thriving business.

She has a couple of pieces in the Museum Of American Craft in New York City.

She has done many, many powerful things.

She’s one great example that disproves.

That it’s hard to make money with your art.

And there are many more, and I’ve become an example of that as well.

Where I have residual money coming off of prints, off of originals.

And now I’m looking at getting my work into NFTs.

My two children are a great example.

My son is an industrial designer for Target Corporate.

And he makes a really great living as across between an artist and an engineer.

It’s an art degree that he got to get that job.

And I have a daughter who’s a graphic designer.

An industrial graphic designer, and she’s a studio artist as well.

So there are a lot of things that are available to artists and creators.

And I’ve created a growing list of examples of artists thriving in the world.

What can you do with your antiquated belief?

What information can you gather that is counter to that belief.

That reveals that that belief is no longer holding water.

It’s no longer even credible.

That’s your work today to look for what you want to see.

And if you’ve done the work above.

And you’re finding that your rule or your belief or your paradigm is not working for you anymore.

It behooves you to play this game today, to play in the arena of looking for evidence of something other.

And the first step to it, to doing it, is disproving this one.

Then that’s going to support you in creating a different rule.

Or structure that’s moving you towards your vision, your dream, your goals, instead of keeping you in resistance.

Sending you love.

Have a beautiful day.