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266 Do Your Rules and Values Even Align

Aug 15, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

And I am here with the 8th Principle.

Or structure or tool for you to give yourself a system upgrade, a tune-up, so to speak.

And today I’m talking about reevaluating your values.

When you are looking at the way your rules are set up.

Your rules and your structures should be creating an environment.

Where you have a beautiful pathway to your dream, to your vision, and to your next level.

And if you’re getting caught up and stuck.

And you’re in procrastination or perfectionism or you can’t seem to figure out what to do next.

And you’re a very intelligent human.

There are things in the way and it’s usually your beliefs, your values, your structures, your paradigms.

And over time, from the time you’re little to now.

Your values change, and your ideas about what you want to change.

And you can have experienced a lot of different information that’s made you think differently.

I’ll give you an example.

Years ago when I was raised, I was taught to be frugal with materials.

And it doesn’t mean cheap, it means don’t waste anything.

Use everything to the max.

And don’t throw things away that still have value.

Use and value your resources.

So I grew up with this environmental ethic and I read a lot.

And I watched a lot of public television shows about the environment.

And they all ended with some forecast of extinction and challenge.

And we’re still steeped in it.

And I realize it’s a big industry getting people to jump from one energy source to the other.

When they’re not really that much better than each other.

And it’s very interesting.

So I was raised when I got into my early twenties and thirties.

With a feeling of foreboding that the natural environment was in jeopardy.

And there still is a lot of that thought going on.

And at some point.

I got into a situation where I was doing so well in a business that.

I was involved with that I was given a choice to have the monthly payments for a luxury car provided for me.

This put me at a quandary because on the one hand.

I was driving a Prius and I was feeling good about the gas mileage and the lightness of it.

It felt light on the environment.

It felt good, it felt like it made sense.

And on the other hand, I was taught not to waste money.

So I was given the option to drive a luxury car.

And be paid twice as much for choosing the luxury car than I would get if I just chose the cash.


I had to really think.

And it caused me to make a decision about if I’m going to live in fear and lack for the environment.

Or if I’m going to step fully into an abundance mindset.

Where we live in an abundant universe and there’s trust.

That Mother Earth is striving for thriving as much as any of us know.

You know when you cut yourself, you start healing right away.

When you dig a garden bed in the soil.

If you don’t tend to it immediately.

It starts growing with things.

There’s so much evidence.

So I started looking for evidence of thriving.

I saw that when I was a child.

Lake Erie near Cincinnati started on fire.

And my partner Mike annually is going to Lake Erie because it’s a world-class fishery for walleye.

When things stopped polluting that area, nature starts cleaning up immediately.

So I started to find.

As we talked about yesterday.

All sorts of counterexamples to some of the belief systems that I had held before.

And I reevaluated my values.

I decided that I was going to choose an abundance mindset.

A trust mindset.

A belief in abundance and rigor and strength and power and autonomy.

And I wasn’t going to be steeped anymore.

In this living small, living in fear of something being destroyed or lost.

So I reevaluated my values and it shifted some of these antiquated beliefs out and it aligned new things.

So if your belief is now conflicting with your updated core values.

Then that creates a great motivation to let those antiquated things go.

And I just want to remind you that you are the creator of your universe.

You are the decision maker on your rules.

Either you choose to believe in and follow.

Someone else’s rules, which you’ve chosen, and now they’re your rules, or you’ve created rules based on whatever you want in your life or whatever you experienced.

So it’s really important every once in a while.

To see if your values have changed and even deeper than that.

If your understandings have changed about how things work and you’re giving yourself the ability to move.

And flow with life and learning and expansion.

So today’s call to action is for you.

And I know these are all big.

So I suggest.

Again taking just one of your rules and going all the way through this whole process.

Or if you’re a super achiever.

Keep going through your list or pick five.

But it might be nice to pick one because then you can focus on each step.

And today’s step is really taking a look at your values and seeing if that rule even aligns anymore.

If it even pertains to you anymore if it even has value.

And if it doesn’t, pop it out of there.

Sending you love.