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267 Intentionally Choosing the Positive

Aug 16, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

Back with you for another tool.

Tool number nine in our list of ten tools that we’re using to give ourselves a reboot.

And we do this with our phones and our technology regularly.

We at night plug them in and we set them up for the next version.

The 2.0, the 3.0, the new iOS us.

And this is what you’re doing with your operating system.

Your beliefs, your rules, and your structures are the foundation of your operating system.

And so you’re taking the time to go in and really just look and see as if you’re going through a filing cabinet.

What files are antiquated?

What can you still use from that file?

Or is it completely antiquated?

How could you restructure it just a little bit and keep using it?

Or how could you create some new things in your file system that work even better than what you’ve had before?

If I go back to that example I used yesterday, the environmental issues have been at the forefront of my life forever.

My first birthday was spent in a state forest along Lake Michigan and my many birthdays after that were in that same park or in another state park.

And so I grew up around this beautiful environment and watching trees go down or watching things cut or watching shows that talked about the degradation of mother earth really bothered me.

And so now that I am where I am.

I got to the point where I was so upset even taking a walk down the street and seeing areas where trees could be planted that weren’t or seeing somebody had pruned their trees wrong.

I was becoming a micromanager and my internal environment was becoming polluted with stress over it.

I knew something had to give.

And then me being put to that task of choosing a car or choosing something that was going to be given to me or rejecting.

It was a really beautiful situation because it forced me to really take a look at which way I wanted to live and I didn’t want to live in anxiety and pain.

So I started to replace which is the 9th tool to replace all that negative, all that resistance with a positive alternative.

I looked at the structures around me and I saw evidence that a lot of the things I was believing weren’t really true.

And then once I decided that I chose which direction I wanted to go.

And now I focus on the positive.

I intentionally adopted new, more constructive beliefs that aligned with my updated perspective.

I focus on the positive, I engage with it, I see the evidence of it and I talk about that and I note it within myself.

So the environment I talked about yesterday, we see a variety of things happening, like Lake Erie, as I mentioned yesterday.

I also look at the ways that I see small ways at SpiritRiver.

How I see that originally in an old picture of the classroom behind it, there were no trees, and there’s a big forest there now.

And the actual area where I paddle along the Wisconsin River in Wisconsin Dells at some point over a hundred years ago, it was full.

All the state of Wisconsin was full of giant white pines which were sought after for their lumber.

And lumberjacks came in and cut all these trees down, floated them down the river.

And it was a couple, a businessman who owned a hotel in Wisconsin Dells, who loved the river area, who started buying up tracts of land along the river and planting them.

And it wasn’t until 1955 that his granddaughters donated thousands and thousands of acres.

What I paddled through right now, early in the morning, that they replanted and then donated to the state of Wisconsin for a state natural area.

So it’s really exciting if you look at the positive, what you can see and discover, and how that can support you in reinforcing your new beliefs.

Have a beautiful day.