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268 Add These Missing Ingredients

Aug 16, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Wrapping up with your last ten tools to review.

Reassess and rewrite your rules.

And predominantly how to drop away rules that are antiquated and not working for you anymore.

The 10th tool I have for you today is.

To be patient and compassionate with yourself.

Changing deeply embedded.

Ingrained beliefs that you created when you were young.

They were emphasized, reiterated, and solidified over time.

This takes time and effort.

Being patient with yourself and practicing self-compassion.

While you are auditing is really supportive.

If you look back on your rules.

You’re punishing yourself for having believed something so ridiculous.

That’s going to take its toll on you.

So what I like to do in the process is always thank myself for doing the very best I could every time.

At every level of my life.

If I made a rule when I was a child.

It was based on an experience I had.

I thank that child part of myself that was courageous enough to come up with a structure.

That I could navigate with.

And I’m giving myself that hug, that pat on the back.

And that encouragement now as an adult for being one of the few adults.

That actually takes the time to look into a subtly placed structure that operates my entire life.

It’s a courageous work transformation.

To actually make change is very unusual in our adult population.

How many people do you know who sit and complain about something going on in their life and don’t make a change?

They stay steeped in the problem.

In the complaint.

So being patient and compassionate with yourself during this process is wonderful.

Also, I want to reward yourself.

Give yourself credit.

And acknowledge it’s okay to have held these antiquated beliefs in the past.

Give yourself the credit, the support.

And the joy of being somebody who is on a growth journey.

Somebody who’s actually taking the time to look within.

To discover and be in level four leadership.

Where you are responsible for the results.

The experiences that you have in your life.

And how you interpret and put meaning to those experiences.

Today is another short and sweet.

I’m going to wrap this up tomorrow.

But I wanted to end this with what we usually end with self-care and celebration.

The space that you get to take.

Looking at what you just created and what you continue to create.

The courage, energy.

And effort it takes to change a momentum that’s not been just happening for a week.

But depending on how old you are.

It’s decades and decades of creating a path that’s been followed.

So to start navigating off that path.

Or to decide you’re taking a brand new one is quite different.

So tomorrow I’m going to wrap this up and put a bow on it.

But for today, just take a day of celebration.

Take a day of compassion for oneself.

Take a bath, go and watch a game.

Go to a concert.

Plan something to celebrate the fact that you are someone who is in transformation.

And you are digging into embedded structures that can create pain.

They can bring up memories that aren’t pleasant.

And you’re doing that to clear a path for an amazing future.

When you can thank yourself for doing what you did when you did it.

And allow yourself the space to continue moving and expanding.

That’s when you’re free.

And that’s what my goal is with these tools for you, these ten tools.

So today, celebrate.

Do something beautiful for yourself.

And sprinkle some patience.



And celebration into your day.

Sending you love.