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270 Do You Have Repeat Pain

Aug 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

There are a couple of more areas that I think would support you, as you start auditing your rules and changing them.

You are a copywriter now who is looking at the rules and deciding how to write them.

Or whether you want to delete them to create the story that you’re creating.

If you look that way, it might be helpful.

When I started there were a couple of things that caused me in my life to see the rules that needed to be restructured.

Or basic templates for how I operated needed to be restructured.

One of those telltale signs for me is when I have a repeating scenario that doesn’t go the way I wished.

So when I got to the point where I was ready to divorce for the second time.
I had to ask myself why a kind, generous, and lovely person like me is repeatedly not selecting the partner that makes a good partner for me.

I started to ask myself, if there are some things I believe that aren’t true.

I wonder if I have some ways of thinking that are keeping me from finding a beautiful partner for myself.

This caused me to start going on a journey where I ended up with a variety of books in my life.

One of the books was The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

It caused me to think about the way I think about rules and the way that I operate.

I began to really look at the foundation of what I believe and how that affects the way I live and make choices.

So where in your life today do you see that you’ve had a repeating pattern of failure or pain?

When you discover that, I want you to start looking into the rules that are underneath the way you’re behaving in those scenarios.

See if you can find some things that you could adjust, let go of or tweak.

Now these are big processes.

That’s why I’m taking so long to talk about it.

It seems like every day that I speak about rules and structures, that day could open a month of investigation for you.

Yesterday, if you remember if you were in the coaching.

I asked you to pick one of your rules and start rewriting it.

Today I’m going a little deeper and asking you if you can discover if you’re stuck on finding this rule to regulate or rewrite or edit.

I’m taking you deeper.

I’m going to be relentless with you on this.

You get to be relentless.

And get rid of things that aren’t working for you.

Things that are keeping you on the sidelines of the life that you are queued up to be really living.

So today I want you to take a peek and think back.

Do you have some repeating scenarios of failure, pain or success?

If you have repeated success.

That’s a great place to go in for evidence of what is working for you.

And proof that you have things working for you.

But then I want you to go in and see the areas where you have repeated pain or failure.

Have you left a relationship one after another?

Have you left jobs one after another?

Have you felt repeated pain with money, relationships or people?

Do you find yourself saying, yes, I’m always this?

Or yes, this always happens to me?

Take that when that happens.

Use that as a clue to do some discovery, about where you can restructure a rule or a group of rules.

All right?

So today you’re continuing this mission of finding rules that don’t work for you and rewriting those.

Have a beautiful day.