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271 Are You Using the Right Map

Aug 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Are you on the right path?

Are you using the right navigational tool to get you where you want to go?

When I’m going to a new area, I put that address into my phone.

Then my Maps app directs me to that spot.

It takes me on the fastest course.

Or if I don’t want to be on a highway, it will navigate me on the country road.

That doesn’t take me on the highway, but I can put in the variables and it will navigate me.

And if I follow, I will end up there.

Your rules are similar to a navigational system.

When I discover that I have a certain rule, I ask myself, is that on the path to my vision?

It’s that simple.

Does that rule have anything to do with the life I’m creating?

When you’re little and you create the rules, they have to do with the life you’re living at that moment.

But as you continue to grow and become an adult and live for decades in your adult life.

You get to look back and see if the rules that you set up still pertain to what you’re doing today and what you’re wanting today.

When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher, a mother, and an artist.

I am those three things.

But once I got to that point where I was those things.

The same rules and structures that got me there, were not going to be the same rules and structures that got me to being a serial entrepreneur.

A higher income than a teacher with the freedom and the structures to create my businesses.

To run my own life without being embedded in anybody else’s creation for work.

So when you look at your vision right now and what you’re creating to step up to the next level.

And to be able to get there freely, your rules and structures have to be aligned with where you’re going now.

The first thing I have everybody do when they start working with me is paint a vision.

Because when you have that strong vision, then you have a direction to follow.

You have an energy calling you forward.

But if the rules and structures that guide you in life are not updated.

Or if they’re not in alignment with that vision.

Then that would end up getting you stuck.

So you can be doing that two steps forward, one-step back thing that people talk about.

If you have, for example, a rule about money being superficial and you want to build a great business.

Money is going to have to flow around that business.

So you can see where that rule or structure is going to have to be shifted.

And to shift it, you need to know it’s there.

And that’s why we’re doing this subtle work of going through rules.

And I’m giving you these subtle opportunities to make discoveries where you get to see your rules and structures.

Because, for me, they’re very subtle.

They’re embedded.

And I don’t even know that some of those rules are there until I bump into them.

I have these tools and techniques that I’ve developed over time for noticing if there’s a misalignment going on within me.

And then I get curious about it.

I go in and look at it.

Then it gives me an opportunity to do a quick.

Do I want this rule?

Do I like this rule?

Does this rule work?

Am I throwing this out?

How could I tweak it?

So I’m going to continue to take you on this process.

Because it’s the process of being an evergreen free human being that’s creating in the world.

It’s part of the fun of discovering.

Where you can shift things so that you have more space to operate in this world.

Have a beautiful day.