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272 Ruling Your Freedom

Aug 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Do you like the rules that you make?

Do you know that you could just make a rule because it feels good?

Or you could get rid of a rule because it feels good?

I like the rule that I make the rules and I can change them whenever I want.

That gives me a liberating feeling.

Tony Robbins speaks about how people with the fewest rules are the happiest.

So I would wonder today, how could you create the kinds of rules in your life that give you the latitude you need to just be free?

Many people are so used to really tight constricting rules that their rules are full of detail.

As I get older, my rules are less and less specific.

Even my definition of self has become really broad in a way.

I don’t have to get bogged down, cornered or pigeonholed by aspects of how I describe myself.

My description right now is I am an ever expanding being who shares her gifts with others.

That’s it.

Everything that is me fits in there.

There is the theory or the understanding in math of the greatest common denominator.

A greatest common denominator is one that everything fits into.

The least common denominator is something very specific that only fits that one thing.

That one scenario.

So when you work on a rule, wouldn’t it be nice to make sure it’s the greatest common denominator.

So that it fits and gives you room to move and wiggle?

Today’s work for you is to take this rule that you’re rewriting in your auditing and make sure that it’s broad enough.

So that you have room to be free.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you think about how you define yourself?

Sometimes we need a title professionally.

So that people can see what we’re doing.

And we need to have some sort of target to shoot at.

So if things are too broad,you don’t have any definition.

So like everything else in life, there is a perfect balance that we’re shooting for with your rule.

The balance will be a rule that helps you to travel towards your vision and doesn’t inhibit you from the movement along the way.

You want to make sure that your rule will allow you to pursue your vision.

So today’s structure is about making sure your rule is how broad it could be?

Making sure that your rule is broad enough to give you the freedom to move towards your goal without judgement.

Sending you love.

Keep doing the work.

It’s valuable.