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274 See How It Feels to Ask

Aug 28, 2023 | Uncategorized

It’s Anne, with your Coaching on the Go calling all of you visionaries and dreamers to the forefront today,

That part of yourself that is always asking for more.

Today, I want you to just spend some time getting in touch with the feelings that you experience when you are asking for more.

What’s going on within you?

Are you nervous?

Are you scared?

Do you feel selfish?

Does it excite your being to ask for more?

We all have a burning desire, a vision for more.

It’s normal and exhilarating!

It propels us forward in life.

It calls us to reach for the stars, to create impossible dreams.

Have you ever stopped to really audit and ponder what happens when you ask for more?

…When you summon the courage to ask for more?

Today, I want you to take the time to sit after meditation, and allow yourself to envision what you would like.

Then, make an audible ask for what you want, 

That’s bigger,

That’s more.

Ask out loud.

Ask the quantum field.

Ask Creation.

Ask the Universe to collaborate with you.

Ask God.

Ask God force.

Call on that energy, that power you know is around you, and Ask.

And then I want you to tell me what you experienced.

I want you to take notes on that for yourself.

Is it bringing up feelings of fear, worthiness, lack of worthiness, excitement, joy, or combinations of contrasting feelings?

Today is a short one.

I want you to do some experiencing.

So take time after meditation to go into vision.

What would you like?

…Something that you already know you want, that you’ve been asking for.

We’re not going into a deep, deep process of setting an intention here.

We’re just doing a quick audit where you ask for something that you really want.

Then, take note of what you feel around that ask because that’s going to give you food for thought.

Do some discovery on what might be keeping you from the very thing that you’re asking for.

(Feel free if you take notes on this, to either keep them for the week in the processes we’re going to go through or share them with me in an email or in your pod coaching.)

Throw it into the pod so that we can engage with it together as a group.

Have a beautiful day.