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 275 Does Wanting More Mean You Are Greedy

Aug 29, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

So what did you discover yesterday when you looked into the feelings behind you asking for more?

Some of you have told me that you feel selfish when you’re asking for more

And so today I just want to go into that feeling

And what’s that about.

It’s not selfish to desire more in life.

In fact, it’s a reflection of our innate human nature.

Our driving force is to explore, grow and expand.

It’s the part of us that craves more,

That craves the new,

That loves challenges,

That calls us to ask for more in life.

Wanting more doesn’t make you greedy.

You’re worthy of more.

So these are things that might be coming up for you.

If you don’t feel quite worthy enough,

If you have worthiness issues,

Then asking for more will be challenging for you.

Or if you were taught that you’re not supposed to ask for more,

You’re supposed to accept what you have.

The creative process is one in which you ask for more.

So if you were taught, and you’re still living by a paradigm that says asking for more is selfish,

Then you’re going to have a problem in your natural creating process.

Wanting more doesn’t mean you’re greedy or you’re taking from other people.

We live in an abundant universe that has so much to offer, unlimited amounts.

This is about pushing your limits, discovering your potential, and striving for the satisfaction of being at your highest level as a being.

When you want more, you’re not only benefiting yourself, but you’re inspiring those around you.

Think about it this way.

When you aspire for more, you’re setting an example for others.

They’re seeing you go through the process of creating.

It calls them to that same drive within themselves.

Your pursuit of more can inspire, motivate, uplift, and wake up not only you,

But it can inspire and will inspire the people around you.

Wanting more often goes hand in hand with giving more as well.

As you achieve your aspirations and your visions, you gain the capacity to contribute more to the people around you,

To support the causes you believe in,

To make a positive impact in the world because you have more to offer.

So in essence, wanting more isn’t selfish.

It’s powerful.

It’s a force for personal growth, inspiration, authenticity, and positive change.

It’s a testament to you, your aspirations, and your desire to make the most of what you’ve been given in this life

So embrace it.

Let it propel you forward

And create a momentum that you and the people around you benefit from.

You get to dream.

You are a Master Creator.

Sending you love.