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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Yesterday, we were talking about selfishness, in asking for more, I brought up worthiness.

I know a number of you in this community struggle with worthiness at times, and that’s normal so I want to talk about that today.

Devote today to the understanding that you are worthy of asking more from life, regardless of how you feel in any given moment, isn’t determined by  your current circumstances or feelings.

Your worthiness is an inherent aspect of you being a magnificent part of an abundant, creative universe.

So I want to bring up a few points today.

And you can take notes if worthiness is one of your sticking points.

-You are inherently worthy.

You were born inherently worthy.

Your worth isn’t conditional, based on anything you’ve done, the possessions you have, the success you’ve had up until now, or anything on the outside.

It’s an integral part of who you are and your existence.

Just the fact that you are here is proof of your worthiness.

-Feelings are temporary.

Remember, you breathe feelings in and out.

They’re transient.

They can come up and they can go down.

They are fleeting.

Self-doubt is just something that can pass through you.

Recognizing that feelings can change, but your worthiness is a constant is a powerful knowledge.

-Practice self-compassion.

Treat yourself as beautifully as any stranger or child you meet.

Treat yourself with that kind of compassion.

And remember, everybody has moments where they doubt themselves.

-Challenge your negative beliefs.

Explore the beliefs and the thoughts that underlie your feelings of unworthiness.

Ask what is at the root of why I’m feeling not worthy at this moment.

Are these understandings based on reality or past experiences?

Challenge those.

We’ve been working on this for weeks.

Reframe these beliefs that are now antiquated and aren’t serving you.

Don’t let them remain.

-Seek support.

Share your feelings in your pod.

Share your feelings.

Be authentic.

Be vulnerable.

Because when you are, you will receive the support that you need.

-Ask for coaching.

I can support you in gaining some valuable perspectives that can help you sort through and work through lingering feelings of unworthiness.

-Embrace your personal growth as a journey.

This is another part of being tender, loving, and compassionate with yourself.

No one is perfect.

It’s the things that aren’t perfect about us that create the contrast that causes us to ask for more in life

And they create this interesting journey that we’re on of expansion.

We get to be thankful for those

-Affirmations and visualizations

Use powerful affirmations.

Talk about yourself audibly in the world and affirm who you are and what you are.

Recently, I had an interview with Marcus Ogden, and he talked about how he moves himself forward in life.

He said he propels himself forward by making auditory affirmations and statements about what he’s about to do.

Another powerful tool that we use regularly in our community is visualization.

I highly recommend it after meditation.

Go into your future as if you’ve already completed the very thing that you want to engage with next and feel the feelings.

Own the feelings.

Experience them as if they are already complete and how great they will feel.

Use these tools of affirmation and visualization to support you when you’re not feeling worthy.

Set realistic goals.

Break down your aspirations, your vision, and your intentions into manageable steps.

This is the doing.

What’s even more important than this is the being.

You step into an incredibly powerful collaborative field when you do the work of visualizing, affirming and knowing that you’re there.

Your asking and understanding of your worthiness gives you the inspired next steps to take.

You don’t have to spend so much time breaking things down into pieces as listening and taking the next step that’s availing itself to you.

As you do this, it’s going to reinforce your sense of worthiness and your knowing of your worthiness.

Remember, worthiness isn’t about being perfect or meeting impossible standards.

It’s about acknowledging your intrinsic value as a human being.

Knowing your worth.

Knowing that you are a magnificent part of an incredible, abundant, never-ending universe

And that your desire for more in life is forwarding all of humanity,

All of Ceation

Because you are part of that expansion

And by your birthright, YOU ARE WORTHY.

You have the power to transform your feelings of unworthiness into your self-empowerment.

Sending you big love today.