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 278 How to Deliberately Create Your Future

Sep 1, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey Master Creators, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

You, my friend, are in constant communication with the collaborative field around us.

Call it what you will.

It’s time for you to step into your understanding You are a Master Creator.

And you’re constantly giving signals to All That Is

And those signals are being responded to.

I’ve been seeing lately that some of you who are doing the work of meditating and stepping into your future after the meditation and really trying it on like a beautiful new jacket that is now yours,

the images, feelings, and senses that are in your future vision,

When you do this, your being is locking into those like they are happening now.

The power in that is that the energy, emotion, electromagnetic pulses, and information coming from your being are all emanating from that beautiful vision.

Your being starts responding to that.

Looking for things that can bring that feeling to you.

It’s a remarkable interconnected dance.

It’s not just a philosophical concept.

It’s reality.

Your thoughts, intentions, and actions, they all send out ripples that resonate far beyond what meets the eye,

Far beyond what you can conceive.

But it’s your emotions, the deep feelings that are emanating from your being,

That is the most powerful communication device that you own.

That you are in charge of.

And YOU are in charge of it!

I used to just respond to outside stimuli and then have a feeling that came from that response.

And I just thought that that’s how it was.

It was just a natural process I didn’t give actual thought to.

Now I realize that I get to choose the way I respond to situations.

I get to feel the feelings

And then I get to decide how long I’m going to be steeped in those feelings.

If the feelings feel fantastic, yes, I want to bask in those.

If the feelings don’t feel good, I have certain tools that I use to make new choices about the feelings that I’m going to emanate energy from.

You are an electromagnetic being.

You’re the source of electromagnetic energy that is going out from you into a collaborative universe that responds to it.

A prayer sends out a certain energy.

A thought sends out an energy because there’s emotion with it.

You get to decide.

You get to control your destiny as a master creator by turning up the volume on your understanding of your creative system,

The way that it’s working and

The way that it’s responding so that you can be moving towards the vision,

The powerful vision that you have for your life.

This week, the coaching is all about locking in the tools that you possess and that you came in with,

So that you are a deliberate master creator, not a sloppy in-the-moment creator by default,

That you’re not a victim of the tools that you possess

That you’re not a victim of emotions that you let splash all over without any understanding of what those emotions are creating.

We’re getting into the complexities, wonder and AWE of you as a Master Creator,

You as a child of the collaborative, creative forces that created everything that we experience in our existence.

Looking forward to giving you some tools and techniques.

To lock into this week for deliberate master creation.

Sending you big love.