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279 Emotions Emit Energy and Create

Sep 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

We’re talking about emotions

and how they communicate with Creation, with the field around us 

and I just want to get into a little crash course in how our universe works.

Everything in the universe is created of the same material

and depending on how it vibrates or spins, it becomes a matter or energy.

You are an energy being.

Your body is matter.

And your emotions are energy, and your thoughts.

And when you feel emotion, that sends a ripple out into this energy field.

So, emotions are energy, and they’re not just fleeting feelings.

They’re powerful vibrations.

Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy, including our thoughts and emotions.

When you experience an emotion, you emit a particular frequency

or pattern of energy, into the quantum field.

Now, we talk about this field in a lot of different ways and I keep telling you, I don’t care what you call it.

I want you to take a deep breath today

and feel and conceive of the fact that you are energy inside of an energy field.

Whatever you feel and experience, and whatever emotions you wrap around what you’re experiencing,

that’s communicating with all the energy around you.

So, when you have a feeling and an emotion and you responding to things that are going on around you and in front of you and in your mind,

you’re creating in those moments. 

You’re always creating.

So in the creative process, I urge you to understand this

so that you can be create deliberate manner.

Years ago, after a breakup in a relationship I had that I thought was going to be my one,

I was so devastated.

A friend of mine said, “You have so many beautiful things going on in your life right now.

If you let this take over you, it will cause a cascading effect in other areas of your life.”

And she gave me an audio from Abraham Hicks.

And I had read a book years before called Law of Attraction that in its way, describes the energy around us.

Some people are annoyed with that description because they feel like some key elements are missing.

I found that information to be valuable ’cause it was a gateway to me thinking about how I create in the world with my energy.

That’s the first time I really was introduced to some articulation of the process of how we are in a collaborative, creative universe.

I had been introduced to prayer, and believing, and trust.

But this was just another level of someone explaining the possible understandings of how that all worked.

Then quantum physics takes it to another level where it’s being proven in the world with experiments and people looking to quantify and qualify the relationship with us in our whole universe.

So, I got busy really thinking about the energy I was giving off after this breakup.

And it was difficult.

I was steeped in the feelings of not having what I thought I should have.

In loss and lack and I began to take things seriously,

how much time during the day was I going to stay in that emotion that I didn’t want?

Even though it was true that the actual thing that I was responding to happened,

I was starting to come up with techniques and tools to shift my thinking so that different parts of the day…

I mean, I might feel weight during the day because of the loss, or lack, or pain…

I didn’t allow myself to continue to stay there.

I would say things to myself like, “Yes, that hurt.  Yes, I understand it.  Yes, you were involved with that experience for quite a while.  And so, yes, it does make sense that it comes back into your mind on occasion.

But now, what would you like to think about?

That’s beautiful?”

And I would shift.

First it was difficult because my momentum was going in the direction of what I didn’t want,

but because I created a tool to stop myself

and make a decision about where I wanted my feelings to be,

that pattern disrupt started to allow me to spend more and more time in the energy and feelings of things I wanted to create

and less and less time where I was feeling the pain.

Otherwise, you continue to keep repeating.

So I want you to think about today.

Where do you spend most of your time emotionally during the day?

Is it inside of something that you don’t want more of, that hurts and you keep picking the scab off of that pain?

Or is it acknowledging that and moving into something else?

Or are you in fear because you’re creating something so big that it’s scaring you?

Which is normal!

And you’re spending almost all your time in that fear?

Could you shift and spend more and more time in the possibility and the excitement of where you’re going?

All right, so that’s a wrap on today

as I discuss with you how your emotions interact with the whole environment around you,

Sending a ripple out, like a rock, thrown into the river.

Sending you love.