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28 Doing what you say

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hi, this is Anne with SpiritRiver Coaching on the Go. Today I’m talking about the next step. So we’re in fear, right? And we’re seeing that play out in a variety of ways. I’m taking a walk, so I’m walking up a hill. I’m huffing and puffing a little bit, so bear with me. I’m literally coaching on the go.

So I’m thinking this morning about times when I have not followed through, and I’m thinking about this community and people who have responded to my call to action on Tuesday, last time we had Coaching on the Go, who sent me a note saying that they’re ready. And those of you who wanted to chat with me, but you’re scared to even chat, or you have another thing in your life that you know is your next thing, and it’s available to you right now and you’re resisting it.

I want you to ask yourself what is that about? What is that resistance about? Are you interested in continuing forward in your life keeping that resistance in play? What if you actually took that resistance seriously, understanding that it’s natural as you grow for part of you to resist the growth and part of you to welcome the growth. That means you’re in the process. It’s kind of exciting, from my perspective, to see you in that state because I know you’re ready for a breakthrough.

But what I’m wanting you to think about this morning is do you notice yourself saying you’re going to do something, and you really think it’s a good idea on some level, and you absolutely don’t follow through on it? Or as you’re saying it, you even know you’re not going to follow through on it. That’s really going to take its toll on your ability to move forward.

So monitor yourself today, ask yourself, notice. Are you following through on the things you say? Are you keeping integrity with yourself? Are the words coming out of your mouth aligned with your actions? These are some of the most basic ways to start moving yourself forward and noticing if you really are working against yourself. It’s my experience from my life, that the biggest resistor in my life, the only biggest element that ever keeps me from doing the things I want is me. It’s a part of me that’s steeped in the past and that’s comfortable there, and that’s nervous.

And the only way out of that is surrounding yourself with a new community, getting some coaching, doing some reading, and getting used to knowing that once in a while you’re going to be a little bit uncomfortable, and that’s part of the growth process. So if this resonates with you today, click the reply button and tell me it resonates and tell me why, tell me what you’ve noticed. Have a beautiful day.