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280 The Ripple Effect of Emotions

Sep 5, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

We’re talking about the emotions that you feel and how they are a communication tool with the energy around you.

When I was a little girl we would camp for over a month on end at a state park.

I would be along Lake Michigan.

I would be seeing the tops of the white pines along the tree line and I would be in conversation with All That Is.

I was taught as a child to pray.

I was exposed to the natural environment where I was talking, wishing, feeling supported, and being shown beautiful things.

Over time, I knew what a prayer was.

It was a thought in my mind. 

Even as an adult here, my thoughts are prayers.

Everything I’m thinking is a prayer.

It’s sending out information, in an analytical way of describing it, but in a more spiritual, sensual way of describing it, all of my thoughts are a conversation with Spirit.

You can approach this in any way you want.

And I want you to approach it in a way that aligns with the way you are connecting with that energy around you.

I used to just think of the prayer or the words as communicating, when the feeling that you have down inside you, that’s emanating from deep inside of you, is the most powerful communicator you have.

In the times when my prayers felt like they were really expedited and answered quickly, I was combining my words with deep feelings and emotions.

I was praying with everything I had available or I was dreaming or, as in the month before I purchased SpiritRiver, sitting along the bank, just feeling so much appreciation for the beauty that was around me, I was sending such a signal of thanks with my emotions.

I was saying thank you for this beauty.

That was resonating.

And it was responded to so quickly that, within a month, I owned SpiritRiver, before it was called SpiritRiver.

I put out a wish and a prayer and emotions that went with it.

Another time I was sitting on top of the cliff, there was a rock shelf at the edge of the property that drops down into the river, and an acorn dropped down into the water, a single acorn, and created a beautiful ripple and I was just really enjoying the pattern created by that acorn dropping.

I was sitting in this creative, beautiful, spiritual realm just observing, really freely.

As that ripple got to the edges of the river, it doubled back from both sides.

Pretty soon these lines were crossing and criss-crossing.

In a few minutes, as far as I could see up the river, on this pristine morning, I could see those ripples affecting the water.

That’s a visualization that I want you to think about with your emotions because that is the power of the emotions you’re feeling.

How do you feel these?

How do you choose these?

For the most part, we choose our emotions just based on responding to our exterior environment.

Or it could be, as I mentioned yesterday with a breakup I had, it could be a memory of something.

It doesn’t have to be a bad memory.

You can magnify emotions by remembering something really beautiful, or as we do in this community, you can go into your future and you can imagine something that you’re creating and how good it’s going to feel.

You can see now, your emotions, they resonate and magnify as they go out like that ripple.

They emanate out from you.

Then they start creating all this frequency out beyond your body, into the creative field.

And then that energy attracts or aligns with other things like it out in the world.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and you had a bad morning?

Then you started saying, “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” or, “I’m having a bad day.” or “My day sucks!” and it continues to, and it magnifies and gets worse and worse?

Like many of you, I am creating some massive things right now, so if I find myself worrying about if I will succeed or fail at something, I know that that vibration is resonating and it will get magnified.

So, I acknowledge that I might feel uncomfortable or uncertain and I decide to take action and get a little bit of work done.

Then I lock back into the vision that I have and how great that vision is, how good that vision feels done, and it shifts my energy.

I’m not going to spend time creating vibrations that are going to go out into a responsive field and actually work against what I’m creating.

I want you to think about that today.

What vibrations do you send off

Are they taking you toward your vision?

Whatever you’re giving off is magnifying and it’s resonating and it’s attracting components that are aligned with it.

So be deliberate.

Sending you love.