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 282 Creating an Easy Path to What You Want

Sep 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go

And again, yesterday’s coaching started taking us into today’s coaching because everything is connected.

So today I’m talking about how emotions influence the way you think and act, the way that you open yourself to possibility.

Your emotions have a profound impact on your thoughts and actions.

When you feel confident for example, you’re more likely to take action and align with your goals.

If you’re feeling the emotions of fear or failure, you’re more likely to continue finding evidence of that, and not moving in the direction that you wish.

Positive emotions can create a positive feedback loop that creates momentum and reinforces your intentions and your vision.

Emotions are so important.

If you are feeling down or if your emotions aren’t in the position to be taking you towards your vision, you can see how important it would be to choose something different.

Because your emotions affect the way you respond in the world, you get to make a shift.

I’m just going to emphasize today the way that I do this for myself.

Lately, I’m working on these really next-level projects and in the last few months, I would wake up in the middle of the night scared.


Like, what if my retreats…

I put all this money down, I organized all these things.

“What if my retreats aren’t a success?

What if I don’t get people registering for the retreats?

What if I’m not doing enough?”

I would wake up in the middle of the night fearful, and I would lay in that fear for a while.

I would remember that I can’t stay in that feeling because it’s not going to produce anything good for me.

So I would take out some tools.

Some days I would meditate with an app that I had.

Sometimes I would take out the lesson for a class that I was taking that was about the quantum field and energy.

Sometimes I would read a book about the history of the area where my retreats are taking place.

And all those things would shift my emotions from fear into locking back into the beautiful vision that I had created for the retreats.

Other times, I would get up out of bed and I would do a couple of things that were dangling that would take me in the direction of the retreat.

If there were a couple of things incomplete I would complete those and that would give me a feeling of confidence.

I want you to think about when you are having an emotion that is not going to take you in a productive direction or attract anything you’re interested in attracting,

And it’s not going to magnify what you want magnified, think about the tools that you have at your disposal.

Could you meditate?

Could you calm yourself down enough to go into your future and really enjoy a moment in your future where you’ve already succeeded and it’s in the past?

Could you stop and get a few next steps completed that will make you feel competent and capable and shift your energy?

Could you focus on something different that can take you back to a good feeling?

Could you distract yourself?

Could you dance?

Could you run?

Emotions are very important to tame because they influence your actions.

They influence what you’re receptive to and how you can become inspired.

Your call to action today is to notice when you get into a place where your emotions aren’t going to produce a future you’re interested in.

Write down a list of go-to tools.

You can choose some of mine or some of the tools we’ve talked about in the past.

Send me a note and tell me which tools you’re going to have available to yourself to shift your emotions when they’re not in the spot that’s going to be conducive to you creating and following your vision.

Sending you love.