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283 How To Fool Mother Nature

Sep 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Do you remember years and years and years ago when you were a child perhaps, there was a commercial where a woman is dressed as Mother Nature and she gets tricked

…She tastes some margarine versus butter and she gets tricked into thinking it’s butter

…And then she has a temper tantrum because “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”?

I want to talk to you today about how you’re trying to fool yourself in the quantum field by using affirmations, saying that you want something, but down deep in your emotions what you’re sending the signal out for, is the opposite of what you’re asking for.

I think the best example of this is with money, how people will say, they’ll affirm: 

“I’m wealthy!”

“I’m a millionaire!”

“I have lots of money.”

But down in the pit of their stomach in their chest or their solar plexus, the emotion that they’re sending out into the Quantum Field, into Creation is one of worry, lack, and sickness, actually,

Like feeling sick about not having enough.

Now, this is a case where you can actually, in a way, you can fool the quantum field.

Because at this point this is where you could choose to feel a different emotion.

And how would you do that?

It’s the way we talk about regularly.

You could go into your future and with your powerful mind and imagination revive the imagination you had as a child, when you weren’t worrying about failing.

And go into your future after a meditation and feel the feelings of what you’re creating, how beautiful it will feel, except imagine it already completed.

So you have a reticular activation system in the back of your brain, at the base of your brain.

It processes whatever you’re imagining, whatever you’re thinking or seeing.

It could be something you’re imagining that’s happening.

It could be you relaxing into a really beautiful meditation imagining yourself traveling all over the world, being in different scenarios, being on the beach with your loved one

-Being in the sun, tasting a certain food, drinking a certain drink.

-Hearing certain sounds

-Feeling the wind

-Feeling the warmth

-Hearing the waves.

Your reticular activation system doesn’t know if that’s really happening or if you are imagining it because you’re experiencing it.

The emotions that you give off in that moment are sending a signal into the quantum receptive field.

You’re creating with those emotions.

How I got through my fears about creating my next-level business and stopped waking up fearful in the middle of the night, was, I used these techniques of going into the future and imagining and really stepping into my vision my childlike confidence for creating.

As I practiced this, it shifted me.

When I woke up after that, after practicing that for a while I woke up just feeling interested in what I was doing or excited.

But not fearful.

You get to do that for yourself.

If you pattern interrupt enough, this will become such a powerful tool that you’ll feel the feelings of emotion that you get to experience.

Then you’ll be saying to yourself, “Okay, now what?

What is going to take me towards my vision?

What is going to continue to move me forward?

And how can I send out the most powerful signals so that I can stay open to all the possibilities?

And navigate to my powerful vision?

After all, I’m a master creator.”

Sending you love.