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284 What Are Your Emotions Telling You

Sep 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Sometimes your emotions are great signals- the negative emotions.

If you have an emotion that keeps coming up that’s contrary to your vision, something that you don’t want to have to happen, it can be a really powerful indicator for your subconscious mind that you have some unfinished business you need to notice and shift.

So, I would suggest that you ask yourself what is underneath OR

where is the source of this emotion that’s contrary to what you want in your life?

And you get to look then for evidence of it being true –

Evidence of it being false.

I’ve given you many tools to deal with that in this community.

But your awareness of negative emotion can allow you to address and change the very thing we talked about in the last week or so 

-Antiquated rules


A lot of times the fear comes up around a vision because you’re not sure you can do it.

When you look back into your history you’ll find times that you succeeded, but there’s a good chance that things that people said to you and you decided were true are creating uncertainty and emotions that are bubbling up, causing you to have a conflicting signal.

Your vision has this beautiful emotional signal with it.

And you have a contrasting emotional signal that your being is sending out every so often.

And remember, part of you wants to stay in the known world and part of you wants to explore.

Every so often that part of you that wants to stay safe, acts up, and creates emotions and feelings and a whole variety of things that could derail you.

Take a look at that.

If you continually have a powerful emotion that’s NOT conducive to where you’d like to go, reach out for some coaching if you can’t do it yourself.

Take a deep breath into the emotion you’re feeling and what is surrounding that emotion.

See if it’s not an antiquated belief or paradigm or structure or societal structure that you decided is true that you choose to follow.

Once you make this discovery, it’s fantastic.

Because when you get through it, it can unlock some big movement for you.

Years ago, I always like to give you an example,

I found myself getting tired and procrastinating on the next step in my business, my art business.

It was happening over and over.

And I finally noticed this repeating pattern.

When an opportunity would come, I would feel exhausted.

I would go for the couch and a blanket.

I was sabotaging possibilities for my art career.

Then I discovered underneath that, I still had this unconscious following of an understanding that an art career was hard, that people didn’t make money doing art.

These opportunities were in contrast to a belief system.

(Not a healthy belief system)

Nonetheless, it was embedded deeply inside of my operating system.

I got some powerful coaching and did some powerful things myself that popped me out of that.

Since then, I’ve had some great big sales of my work with ease.

Take a look into your life.

See if your emotions are repeating themselves, and if there might be something that you can update that’s the culprit for the repeating emotion that’s not going to take you towards the vision that you have for your life.

Sending you love.