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285 Emotions Influence Your Health

Sep 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go continuing to talk about emotions and the power they have in your life as a Master Creator.

Emotions deeply affect your health.

I haven’t talked about this in a while,  but – Dis-Ease – When you are not at ease, your body responds and you get sick or an illness.

I believe, in my coaching community, the understanding is that your thoughts are the originators of the way that you feel in your health.

And so if you’re sick,

-If you’re tired

-If you’re experiencing health that’s not as good as it should be,

What emotions are you giving off?

What energy are you giving off?

What are you thinking about?

What’s bothering you?

What’s at the heart of your disease?

The book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, is an incredible guide to health 

From your thinking, you being the originator of any disease that you have, she’s got an interesting story in history.

You can read about it at the beginning of her book.

I’m to the point where I use her glossary of medical issues as one of the first go-to’s when I don’t feel well.

She experienced a variety of things, and as she cleaned out her treasure box of negative feelings and resentment, emotions that she was harboring from experiences she had in her life, it released all sorts of issues she was having.

She had stage four cancer and she was a young woman.

She lived into her 90s.

Today I want you to think about your emotions not only in the creative sense of creating your vision, but how they’re affecting your overall health.

If you’re healthy or you’re not healthy, what things are you experiencing?

So often in my coaching, I’ll ask a client where they’re feeling a problem that they have or where are they feeling their greatest fear. 

They point out where they are feeling it in their body and tell me what they are experiencing. 

I always like to coax you to take audits.

If you’re feeling any aches or pains in your body or you’re not having the vitality you used to,

I want you to follow that and see if you can discover.

Where are you creating disease with your thinking and with your emotions?

See if you can have a conversation with yourself about where your emotions might be stuck within your body.

See if you can release those (emotions) by using a number of the tools I already talked about here.

And if you can’t (release those emotions), get some coaching from me and get it taken care of.

Start easing it before it becomes a life-threatening issue.

Sending you big love today.