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286 How to Attract Cranky People

Sep 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Emotions are attractors, they’re like magnets, right?

We’ve been talking about this.

They even attract relationships and people, not just ideas and things.

The emotions that you project, affect your interactions with other people.

And they enhance your relationships and attract people with similar energies. 

Just like an idea will attract another similar idea and you’ll be on a trail of momentum with an idea,  You will bump into like- people.

I’m sure you’ve done it already in your life.

If you’re negative or complaintive, you often bump right into somebody else who will emphasize it for you.

And you can have a fight or discussion or be disgusted with one another.

If you’re feeling high as a kite, happy, even grumpy, people will see you and they will start to realign with a higher vibration.

I don’t want to say higher vibration because it’s not higher, but a happier vibration, aligning with you because yours is powerfully positive at that moment.

And it can raise.

Just like if you’re cranky.

You can also powerfully bring people down to the cranky level with you.

Your emotions are these magnets.

You’re not just attracting opportunities with ideas.

But when you’re in the sweet spot with your emotions, you will bump into others who are like you. 

They might be working on a similar idea or a similar project.

They might believe in similar things.

They might be doing energy work like you are with your emotions.

If you’re playing with your emotions that day, you might end up in conversation with someone else who’s doing the same thing.

It’s interesting because I have been hearing over time, women say, “There are no good men left in the world.” and that’s what happens for them.

Their energy is around the fact that there are no great men, so they continue to be surrounded by that type of man.

Whereas if you believe there are great humans in the world, you keep bumping into great humans.

Your emotions are giving off this feeling that there are beautiful people all around you.

And the quantum field puts those people around you.

It’s a beautiful thing the way we are in such a responsive universe.

Isn’t it beautiful to know that the emotions you’re feeling are powerful, creative vibrations that are emitting information that’s like a prayer?

It’s like an Ask!

Your emotions, without you saying, are asking for more of what you’re emoting.

I just find this to be such a revelation because I threw emotions around willy-nilly and a lot of times they were joyful, so I attracted other joy.

When I was in a mood, when I hit tough times in my life, I would magnify those times by staying steeped in them.

And then I would attract other people who might be complaining or down or feeling pathetic.

The emotions that you give off, affect so many different aspects of your life.

Think about that and play a little bit.

Go into a situation and set yourself up by carrying a generous, beautiful, joyful energy with you and spill it around.

Some of you have already done this in the community, and you’ve shared it with me.

Spill it around and see what the results are.

Have a beautiful day and share that JOY!