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287 You See the World Through Your Emotions

Sep 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Emotions shape your perception of your daily reality.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a positive emotional state, happy, happy, happy, you’re more likely to notice others who are happy?

If you’re in a funny mood, you notice humor.

You find things funny.

If you are in a state of resourcefulness and you’re emotionally feeling resourceful,

You bump into other great people,

You bump into ideas, 

You get clever and creative.

Conversely, when you’re feeling agitated, you tend to find and attract other things that are pissing you off.

If you feel like you’re a victim and you’re giving off the emotion of feeling taken advantage of, you can remember all sorts of scenarios where you were feeling that way and you can attract some new ones.

Your perception of the world can be shaped by your emotions.

When I’m sitting down and engulfing myself in appreciation, the whole world around me looks beautiful.

I see beauty everywhere.

I see things I can appreciate everywhere.

Even in things that I normally wouldn’t like, I can find the goodness in that thing.

I use appreciation as a tool because I know that it shapes the way I see the world.

So when I’m struggling with something and I’m feeling bad, I often use appreciation as my go-to tool to just quickly snap myself out of it.

I start slowly.

If I’m in a rut and I’m feeling down…

(It sounds like there’s a song that’s ready to be sung here…Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”)…

When I’m feeling lesser than I’d like to feel, one of the go-to tools I have to change my perception of my world quickly, is to just start with something I’m appreciative of.

It could be the weather today.

It could be the sun rising or the sun setting.

It could be the thoughts of my children or the thoughts of my parents.

And then that creates an emotion.

The appreciation creates the emotion of feeling blessed, feeling like a special being in the universe.

Then everything that I see is beautiful.

It starts a chain reaction and keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

I start with just anything I can think of.

“I’m appreciative, I live in a home.”

“I have a roof over my head.”

If I’m cranky, I need to start small.

And then I work my way up.

Pretty soon there are so many things that I’m finding and it’s shifting the way I’m seeing my world. 

It brings back my joy, my resourcefulness, my playfulness.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time now talking about emotions because they are the most powerful creative force that we have.

Most of you likely haven’t thought about emotions in that way.

So I am helping you wield one of the most POWERFUL tools you were born with so you can strengthen your connection with it so you can pull it out and utilize it.

Tomorrow will be the last day on this topic of EMOTIONS. 

I’m going to wrap it up tomorrow with the last point I want to make about emotions as the most powerful creative tool in your arsenal.

Have a beautiful day AND practice some appreciation today.

See what it does for the way you perceive the world around you.