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 288 Creating Resiliently with Emotion

Sep 8, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go with our last day talking about emotions for a while.

Did you know that the emotions you emit, enhance your resilience?

If you can use the tools I’ve been talking about to cultivate positive emotions like gratitude, optimism, and joy,

It enhances your emotional resilience.

It helps you bounce back from setbacks when you’re having them.

It helps you to maintain a resourceful and constructive outlook even in challenging situations.

I alluded to a few coaching episodes ago to taking the time to stop myself when I was emitting the emotion of fear through my whole body.

I have to admit struggling over a few weeks to shift the momentum on that go-to emotion I was waking up with, to shift it to gratitude, or shift it into my vision, into satisfaction or appreciation, or a feeling of confidence and power. 

What that did is it created an additional emotion of capability and possibility

And That enhances your resilience.

And it’s enhanced mine.

When I get into a position where I am emanating an emotion that’s real and it’s relating to something I’m experiencing that’s challenging,

I can shift that with gratitude, my optimism.

The more I do this, the more optimistic I am and the more full of possibility I am.

It creates resilience.

What momentum do you have going?

We’re coming to a close on this.

You’re a Master Creator.

You’re cultivating possibility and creating with your emotions.

What are you willing to do to be deliberate and pick the tool that you want?

(Like, I choose a specific color in my pastel set of 300 colors.  I pick the color that I want to show up in the drawing to create the effect I want.)

If you have a suitcase with multiple trays of all the emotions that you have available, what emotions are you deliberately picking that will support you in creating the vision that you’re going for right now in your life?

Vision is constantly changing as we accomplish things or experience things, we keep developing a broader and bigger and farther mission that takes us.

It continues to move us.

And our emotions are a jetpack that takes us towards or away from what we’re creating.

I’ve talked to you today, or actually over the last eleven days, about emotions.

We talked about emotions as energy and how that energy resonates and magnifies.

It resonates and it amplifies what we’re feeling.

It attracts because it’s on a vibration with other things that are in a similar vibration.

Then it influences our actions and our thoughts.

And it overrides our thoughts because our emotions are more powerful.

What we’re giving off in our energy with our emotions is bigger than what we’re thinking.

That sends out signals and how it impacts our health.

It draws people like us into our world to collaborate with, or fight with, or whatever we’re doing.

It shapes the way we see the world and it enhances our resilience if we do it in a way that is creating resourcefulness and appreciation in our lives.

So in essence, in choosing and consciously cultivating the emotions that we want to have that feel great, we tune up our frequency.

When you tune up and you align with the reality that you want to create, you can hear the hunches and you can expedite your fascinating journey to that vision.

It’s a dynamic, ongoing practice.

It empowers you to shape your experiences and draw in the outcomes that you desire versus what you don’t want.

By becoming a Master Creator and using your emotions like the paintbrush and the paint, you become just a powerful master creator in your reality.

I am looking forward to seeing what you’re continuing to create and how your creation gets magnified and propelled by these understandings about emotion.

Let me know how this affects your world.

Sending you big love.