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29 Posting and Proclaiming Your Vision

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with SpiritRiver Coaching on the Go. Today I’m talking with you about the process of creating. It’s kind of an obsession of mine. I feel as if we are all master creators that have come from the creative energy of all that is, our parents, that God force. Wherever we think we came from, we are from there, and that’s a creative force. And to me, by our birthright, we are naturally master creators, and if we’re not creating, there’s something that is coagulated, something that is blocked, some reason that we have disempowered ourselves from our natural state of being.

So as I’m creating on the highest level and starting to put into focus what my next year is going to look like, I’ve been studying, reading, looking into things, and finally, when things get into focus, they flow easy. And I’m finding myself coming up with a really solid, strategic plan, master plan, spiritual plan that I’m able to put down on paper. And because I’m an artist, I like color, so I put it on paper, I add color to it. I post it in a way that’s beautiful for me to look at and exciting and inspiring. And that’s what I’ve been doing lately.

I posted, the other day, a number on my phone. I took a picture, enlarged it, took another picture, reduced it until I could get it into my screen size, a number that’s important to me for this year. And also I’ve posted around my workspace and my home in certain ways, opportunities for me to find reminders of where I’m going, and because I’m aligned with it, it feels fabulous.

You know how sometimes you’re not aligned and you just kind of pull an idea out of the air, it seems, and you’re not really behind it, you’re not engaged in it, you’re not enrolled in it? Your spirit has not said yes to it, and so it doesn’t feel solid. But this, to me, feels super solid, like it’s already happened, and so it’s joyful for me to see it posted around, showing up on my phone, showing upon a wall, showing up on a wall side Post-It.

So I want to encourage you today to go as far as you can with your vision. If you are solid about it and you know where you’re going up to a certain point, get that part down and post it, and proclaim it and put it where you can see it on a regular basis so that you can enjoy it and it can remind you. And what I find helpful is to think about why I’m doing it. What is the super huge, colossal, exciting, engaging end result? What am I working towards? I envision that and I see it, and when I see these numbers, I see where I’m working, what I’m working towards, and so it’s really inspiring.

Each component is leading me to the next component. In fact, I feel like after a year of preparation, I have stepped onto a conveyor, or I have stepped into a tube that’s pulling me forward. I can’t resist it, it’s a natural pull. I’m being drawn, sucked forward, drawn forward. I’m on a conveyor that’s taking me forward. It’s kind of like I’ve been locked into an amusement ride I waited for hours to be on, and I feel this momentum carrying me forward. So I’d love to hear your comments about today. Push reply, say hi to me and tell me what your plans are for this upcoming quarter.