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291 Treat Your Idea Like a Newborn Baby

Sep 18, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On the Go.

Yesterday, I spoke with you about the environment that you allow around you and if you are willing to let your ideas and energy be exposed to things you are not interested in, just to stay up to day with all the crap that’s going on in the world.

Let’s take your vision, that vision of something that you want, where the money, the time, the resources, the information, the knowledge you need doesn’t matter. 

If all that is available, what do you want?

When I talk with you about what you are willing to let go of to become the next version of yourself, these are the things I’m talking about.

If you are wishing for something big or you can’t even wish because you start saying,

“Well, how is that going to happen?”

“How am I going to find the money that’s never happened to me before?”

Are you willing to let go of all that crap, to open yourself to the biggest vision that you have?

Are you willing to be bold and order?

And then once you order, once you get over all those hurdles, and order something lip-smacking, do you give that idea and that vision the careful consideration we talked about yesterday?

Have you ever had a great idea and you ran up to a friend, or you called your mom and you talked about your idea, and they are not on board with the idea, they can’t see it for you, they’re scared of it, so you start feeling like maybe it’s not a good idea or you start choking on it, or you start justifying it?

If you think about your idea and your vision as a newborn baby, what would you expose that newborn baby to, that precious, fresh, new baby?

What lengths are you willing to go to to make sure that this New BVing, your vision, is in a beautiful, nurturing environment, where it can grow, where it has room to move and evolve without, judgment?

This is why during our vision times, in our workshops and our pod community, I often say, “Don’t reveal to me, don’t tell us what your ultimate vision is. Let that be yours.”

I want all the energy you have around it to be full of whimsy, joy, fun, and possibility.

It’s difficult enough to get through our wiring, our filtration system of what’s possible.

And if you go ahead and expose that to the world, imagine how difficult you’re making it for yourself.

I used to think that, to be honest, I would be an open book about everything in my life and I would tell everybody everything.

A friend of mine one time said, “You know, Anne, you don’t have to tell everybody everything. Some of that stuff you can keep to yourself.”

I needed that permission.

And now when someone asks me something, if I’m not willing to share it, I just say, “I’m not willing to share that right now. It’s private! It’s incubating.”

“SHHH! It’s incubating.”

Today’s coaching is about creating a beautiful environment for your powerful vision so it can evolve, grow, and have space to move. 

So you can respect it.

Wrap it up in a beautiful blanket, and carry it around with you smiling.

It’s your private thing.

Listen for the hunches, look for the path, look for the breadcrumbs and follow it, and let your vision, let your big biggest idea and intention be incubating.

I made bread this morning and I put the yeast mixture all mixed up with the flour in this giant bread bowl that my aunt used to use to raise her bread.

While it was in there, I put a towel on top that my other aunt put stitching on, with a baby bear in a hammock sleeping.

That’s how I think about my idea.

I’ve got it in there.

I don’t bump it because I don’t want it to fall.

I don’t want the air to come out.

It’s rising it’s in a delicate state.

It’s vulnerable.

And so I’m caring for it.

And that’s what I want you to do with your idea.

Let it rest under that little towel, that little flower towel with the bear on it, with its eyes closed, sleeping in the hammock.

You take care of it and every so often you can lift the towel and peek at it and get a hunch about when it might be ready for the next step in the process.

Today’s coaching is all about you being mindful of the energy that you’re exposing your idea and your vision to because the emotions that you emit from your actions around your idea are sending off communication that is either going to promote or not promote you following that idea.