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292 I Hate Looking at This Every Day 

Sep 18, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

I am driving through a massive amount of construction.

The highway on either side is ripped up.

They are reconstituting the cement so they can make it into new cement.

Everything is rerouted.

It’s an expressway.

I was feeling put out by it a few weeks ago because it made me exit on a different exit when I was going to a place that I go to regularly.

It added about ten minutes to my trip.

But this week and last week I’ve started to see it differently.

It’s an amazing project that somebody is coordinating.

Ultimately there is somebody responsible for all of it and then there are other people in charge and other people collaborating, and it is so complex that I am right now, instead of feeling put out by the construction, I am feeling in awe of the leadership capabilities of whoever created this.

I mean, they are making cement on one side of the freeway.

They are grinding up things on the other.

They’ve got all this heavy machinery, and yet they have managed to reroute all of the heavy traffic that comes through here.

So we are still going the speed limit, and that’s hard for me, through a massive area of road construction while it’s all ripped up.

It’s just amazing.

It almost looks like a bomb went off and then it looks like there were communities of carpenter ants or ants hauling things back and forth.

There are lines of worker bees engaging in the project.

So what I want to mention here is the reason that I decide not to stay steeped in the emotion of how put out I am, how frustrating it is how dirty it is, and all the excuses or reasons why I could be holding my emotional state for ransom, is that I am an electromagnetic being and I understand how my emotions interact with creation in the quantum field.

I tend to be someone who decides to be an optimist.

I look for the good.

Where in your life do you take and use outside stimuli to be an excuse for not being in the vibration that’s conducive to your best life?

What do you allow to derail you from the best vibration possible?

You are a communicator that’s communicating with All That Is.

You get to be responsible for that.

So what do you do when you’re in a situation where the outside stimulus could be taking you off your course?

Well, what did I tell you to do here?

I used my example.

Look for what you can appreciate.

Look for the good in it.

Look for the silver lining.

Today’s call to action is when you get triggered by something.

Or when you get knocked off balance by something and you lose your place or you discover you’ve been steeped in an emotion that is not what you want to be resonating and communicating with the universe using, STOP yourself.

Remember, you’re a Master Creator.

You are creating whether you are conscious of it or not, with your thoughts and your emotions.

You are sending out signals.

Here we are in this physical world that is so vivid.

We’re used to communicating through certain means.

One of the most obvious is with our words.

Often people kind of get the impression that they’re only communicating with their words.

They can think what they want, they can feel what they want and nobody knows.

But the Universe knows.

The Universe you cannot hide from.

As a Master Creator, why not create deliberately instead of just creating off of a reaction from whatever happens in front of you and around you?

In my world, you walk away with your Master Creator badge or you wear it proudly, when you can constantly flex and pay attention in a metacognitive way, to how you are responding in your world and noticing when your vibration isn’t where you want it to be, so you can make a new decision.

I’m all about you being the most empowered Master Creator possible.

There are so many beautiful rewards and it’s so fun when you are moving at fast speed towards your vision.

You can just keep creating and creating and creating the next level for yourself.

Sending you love.