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I’m here at SpiritRiver this morning. There was a giant electrical storm last night. It was so humid and hot in my area where I was that I was excited to hear there was going to be a giant storm, and so off I went to SpiritRiver yesterday and got to enjoy the magnificence of the storm at 1:30 in the morning. Now here I am today thinking about our coaching call, our coaching audio, and I’m at a spot where I find great inspiration. I’m ready to start my next large-scale drawing and I come up to SpiritRiver – I can do these things anywhere — but I come up here when I want deep connection to Spirit. I just think that there are times when the effort that it takes to make a pilgrimage to a spot – some people go to a church to pray, some people go along a river to think or pray. Where do you go when you set up kind of the most powerful intentions? It’s good to think about that. When you want something, when you’re visualizing something, when you’re working through a process, when you have things on your mind that are heavy that you want to rectify or allow to drift out of your mind, where do you go for the big thinking? Where do you go to shift yourself, to be in the follow, when you’re serious. When I want to make a serious ask, I come up to SpiritRiver, where do you go? If you don’t go anywhere, where are places where you find great comfort, connectivity, stability? Find those places and go there. Go there to be in the conduit with Spirit or with the energy that helps you make decisions.


Let me know when the chat or in a return email or in my Instagram page for Spirit River WD. Let me know where you go, the special place you go when you do some strong asking.