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300 When You Can’t Dream

Sep 29, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

Earlier this year, I had a gentleman come up into my community who wanted coaching.

He was a lovely human being.

When I took him through a call and asked him, what did he want in his future?

If everything was available and there were no limits, what did he want?

He couldn’t tell me.

He couldn’t generate an answer for what he wanted.

I met with him again a few weeks later and he still had the same issue.

The problem here is that if you can’t go into the future and wish for something, you can’t create it.

What you end up doing is recreating that moment that you’re in, that you’re not loving, over and over and over and over.

You’re sending that energy out into the quantum field, into that God force, and it’s being matched.

The things that are like it are being put on the buffet so you can choose them or not.

So the problem for this gentleman is that he couldn’t go and even ask for what he wanted.

He couldn’t even say, “If everything were exactly the way I wanted I would love a beautiful house here. I’d like to make this be generating this much per month. I’d like to be in a healthy physical state.”

He couldn’t even dream.

That was just the essence of telling me that he is completely out of trust with himself and the world around him.

This is what happens when your trust is broken.

The ability you were born with, to create on the highest levels is completely shut down.

Today’s coaching is just some food for thought.

You are in possession of tools, techniques, and understandings that you were born with that enable you to Be, Do, and Have anything you can think of.

What are you doing with those tools?

If you’re not in trust, the mechanism for creating is not available to you, what are you doing to unbury that, to uncover that to reveal that?

Again, I would assume because you’re in this community that you are a creator of many things.

To get to that next level, what are you willing to let go of that gives you security right now and gives you a feeling of safety, that is keeping you from your trust?

Sending you big love!

Have a beautiful day.