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301 What’s Your Routine

Oct 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Good morning.

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

What does a day look like in your life?

What do weeks look like in your life?

How do you handle time?

How do you handle your calendar?

Are you rigorous with it?

Do you have a lot of integrity?

Do you allow the day to just, at some point, take off on its own?

Do you create your day ahead of time or do you live your day by default?

Whatever happens!

Depending on your personality type, you probably handle the routine of your day like others who share your personality traits.

I am the most dominantly, a sociable being, a promoter, a sharer of information, and an enroller, somebody who loves to include people in the fun or build a team.

If you add to that, my childhood story, I love freedom.

The rigor of a schedule or calendar can be a challenge for me.

I can become belligerent towards it.

I get to play some games with myself to soften words like structure, words like discipline, calendar, and scheduling.

For some of you, those words are comforting because they’re structural and they’re organized.

This week I’m talking with you about the routine or the habit.

or the practice

or the schedule

or the structure that creates balance in life.

And then we’re going to be engaging with some tools that no matter what operating style you’re in, you can create something perfect for you┬áthat brings

both work and off time,

both time on task/productivity time/time doing,

balanced with the time in being, listening, and hearing, being guided towards an inspired action versus a to-do list.

I have a father who’s 99 years old.

I talk about him regularly because he’s a mentor.

He is constantly teaching with the way that he authentically lives his life.

I’m just going to give one example to start this week.

He’s been exercising since I was a girl.

I mean, he started running with my mother before running shoes, before the running craze, before people ran for distance unless they were an Olympic athlete.

People didn’t run.

He and my mom started running.

Throughout his life, my memories of him are of a disciplined, consistent, solid being who was always working towards something.

Where his health was concerned, he would exercise regularly.

During the summer, he would be running.

In the winter, when it got too cold, he would find a place to run indoors.

He would take us to an indoor field house.

When he was in a work career, his exercise was after work.

Now it looks like 2 hours of exercise every morning, except Sunday.

Sunday his flow is of a day of rest.

Saturday includes, after exercise, 2 hours of listening to Polka music and dancing with my mom.

And then it includes getting up and working outside, working, shoveling, cutting grass, and doing things that keep his body moving.

Mom as well.

That is a lifetime focus, consistency, mindset, and vision.

He’s had a vision for over 35 years that he wanted to live to 100 in good health, still capable and he is.

He’s created a flow in his life and he’s created a consistency with that and a momentum around it.

The more consistent you are, the easier it is to stay in that momentum.

This week as I talk to you about flow, schedule, and routine, I’m going to be asking you to think about many things and create something that works with you, that works for you.

If you need variety, we’re going to build variety in.

If you need consistency and sameness, we’re building that in and creating that.

The result and the end goal is a balance between when you are doing things and having time to listen to the hunches.

For some of you, your hear hunches while you’re doing things.

It’s a combination of deliberately being on task, doing an activity or an action, and being present in the moment, engaged in something.

That allows you to think and be while you’re doing.

Sending you BIG love!