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304 You Are Creating Free Time

Oct 5, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger, I always wanted to be in the mix with other people.

I wanted to be engaged in many things.

I wanted to experience what was outside of myself.

In the last 15 or 20 years, what I’ve discovered, despite being extroverted on many levels (and this may not be you, of course) that my time alone is filled with hunches feedback and ideas.

It takes me on the path towards what I want.

I used to feel lonely at that time, but then I discovered I was in great company, that I was being collaborated with, and that was the time when I could hear.

When nobody was around for me to pay attention to or to take care of serve or engage with, I could hear my sense of direction.

The power of making sure that your schedule and your daily routine have space in them is that you are creating the time for listening, hearing, and following.

Today’s call to action is for you to make a mock schedule for tomorrow.

One that blocks off two-hour work times, an hour off, or 2 hours off.

See if you can finagle your schedule gracefully into no more than 5 hours of work so that you can have this space between.

All right?

So set up a schedule that you enjoy and then think about the intensity or the focus time that you get to put into whatever you’re doing to get the same amount of things accomplished that you normally do.

Some of you may be working at a job that keeps you focused for 8 hours.

How can you squeeze time that has different tasks into that 8 hours so you have some breathing room?

Most of you are entrepreneurs or you’re working in that direction.

How can you schedule your life to honor balance and allow yourself to streamline by getting these hunches and collaborations with the universe, with God Force?

If you don’t make time for this, you can work these extra hours or four or five or 8 hours and be inefficient.

You can probably guess what my call to action for tomorrow is going to be.

It’s going to be stepping into this schedule you’re making and experiencing it.

So today, create it!

And then on the side, write down any things that are coming up for you that are stressful or resistant as you create a calendar or daily routine that looks like this.

I also want you to consider how much time you’re spending on activities that aren’t contributing toward taking you toward your vision.

If you have a lot of phone time, which I did, I had a massive amount of time wasted on my phone, what would you like to do with that time that could be more productive?

What can you do with the time that you’re noting in your calendar that’s not taking you anywhere?

All right.

Get busy.

Have a beautiful day.