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305 5 Is Your Limit!

Oct 5, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

This week, you have been pouring into the way that you use time throughout the day.

This is a quick audit.

This is something that you could take on for a week or even a month.

Yesterday I had you, from the data that you collected for two days in your world, create a schedule for today.

I had you come up with what your day could look like if you were working no more than 5 hours.

Today, you get to try it on for size.

What came up?

What bubbled up inside of you as you were even creating a schedule like this?

Some people in this community are workaholics or they value working hard.

Some people in this community can’t figure out how to work efficiently.

They feel like if they aren’t working more than 5 hours, they are taking too much time off.

There are so many different little side things that come up when you think about working 5 hours.

I’ve heard so many people give so many excuses for why they need to work more than five.

They fight for it.

I remember thinking, “How can I possibly get all the things I need to get done during the day for my business and do the other things I have to do in 5 hours?”

I’m calling you to step into this and try it on for size.

Until you do it, you won’t understand how it can be done and you won’t be creating a demand in your life to be super-efficient during your work times.

Once you start trying this on and engaging with it like I’m asking you to do today, you will start to figure it out because you’re a powerful problem-solving engine.

As you do it, I want you to keep notes on the side pertaining to the struggles that you’re experiencing and the paradigms and the rules and the structures that you have set up for decades,┬áthis is falling in the face of this exercise has really supported me over time.

And I do it every so often again to see if I’m being honest with my schedule.

I start sneaking in during work hours at the end of the day.

You might discover that your best work period is in the evening, so your morning is carefree and enjoyable.

You decide where those 5 hours go, but pick five and try them on for size.

Have a beautiful day.