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306 You Are An Expert

Oct 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

Through decades and decades of living in this life, you have expert knowledge of the things that you’ve experienced.

You have certain niches that you know about in a specific, unique way, that no one else quite knows about the way you do.

If you’ve been in a long-time career and you were good at it (and that may even be something that people don’t consider a career, but if you’ve dedicated a chunk of your life to it and you’re a specialist in it) you have powerful content within yourself.

When I left my teaching career, things got so down for me because of the way I was focusing my mind.

I had a rule that if you served on a high level, you would always be protected.

In this situation, I was serving on a high level, and it didn’t work out the way I wished.

I felt vulnerable and I felt like a victim.

I didn’t know what to do, so I kept sitting and asking,

“Why did this happen?”

“How did this happen?”

Those are questions that don’t take you towards a future.

They keep you steeped in what you are in at the moment.

So my victimhood was very pronounced.

My power was not being utilized.

I was waiting for other things to happen.

I was waiting on my destiny from an outside source.

When I finally got tired of that, so tired of it, I made a decision.

Immediately my point of attraction changed.

In that decision-making process, I looked at my background of being able to succeed at things and create things.

In that background, there was evidence of knowing, intelligence, and possibility.

So I decided to trust myself and that I had the makings of many possibilities within myself.

I left the career that I had had so much success in.

As I reworked and retooled over the years, I came to discoveries that I had learned previously about the giftedness I had to support people, to help people find their giftedness, to help people create more with what they had.

I created a business for myself out of all of my understanding, skills, and giftedness.

I wouldn’t have necessarily seen all this as giftedness, but I decided to look at how I helped other people succeed in life and how I helped myself succeed in life.

I could see a big bag of tools that other people would benefit from.

Over ten years, gradually, and then more and more quickly, I created a solid business for myself where I’m running my own life, doing my own thing, creating, and feeling extremely satisfied in my constant, never-ending expansion.

Today I’m asking you, do you have something within you that is special and specialized?

This week I’m going to have you go through a process where you can look at what you have to offer and see what you can do with that skill set and that expert knowledge.

A lot of times you don’t see what you know and are gifted at as an expert because it’s so second nature to you.

You don’t see it.

You take it for granted.

This week we are going to take a deep look into self, to discover where your giftedness lies.

If you already know you have expert knowledge, throughout this week you get to think about what you can do with that knowledge to serve and elevate your own life.

Have a beautiful day.