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307 Are You Utilizing the Degree You Got From the University of Life?

Oct 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I’m going to spend the next many weeks chatting with you about ways that you can use your knowledge and your life experience to generate a business, change your life, add an income to supplement what you already have going on, or completely create a lucrative business that’s lucrative.

From what you know, you may be at a point in your life where you’re leaving or getting ready to leave a career that you have an incredible font of knowledge regarding.

You may be somebody who is transitioning from something that you did before and you want to throw your hat into the business world and you’ve got something, but you may not know what to do with it or how to do it.

I had the benefit of having a background in education, so my natural way is to disseminate information.

I already had a mechanism to throw my knowledge into using the tools that I had for creating content as a master teacher.

I bring that to the table for you.

What do you have that’s unique that you can share with the world and benefit from at the same time?

Giving and receiving make a circle.

A lot of people say that giving and receiving are the same thing.

When you give something it takes energy.

To receive something also takes a similar energy.

You get to have that flow of that big circle in your life.

When you give, you receive.

When you receive, you give.

What I’m talking about here is creating a circle with the life experience that you’ve created.

I’m going to talk for the next many episodes of Coaching on the Go about how to frame up what you have to see if you have something you want to expand into a lucrative information business today.

I’m just talking about your unique perspective in this life.

Nobody has lived the exact life that you have, taken the steps you have, learned what you did through the turns, what you could consider a mistake, but they were a learning possibility, the experiences that have shaped you in a way that no one else has been shaped.

Your unique perspective is invaluable.

It can offer insights and solutions that others have not considered.

I use that constantly in my coaching.

I have chosen to live a very dynamic, highly engaged life.

I could say I’ve just lived that life or I could say I have a lot of knowledge on how to get through barriers, how to reframe thinking, how to continue to come up smiling no matter what, how to propel off of challenges, and many other things.

At some point, those were just my learnings, but then I realized that more and more people would say, 

“You should write a book.”

“You should coach.”

“You should teach adults.”

I started to pay attention to those messages from the universe, from God, from Creation, from the quantum field, and take my giftedness seriously because I would constantly be supporting people in having a breakthrough shift that would allow them to move forward.

I then found myself creating multiple businesses out of things that I didn’t go to college for, things that I learned on my own.

So here I am asking you over the next many days, to take notes on a variety of things that can frame up possibilities for you.

The first is, what is your unique perspective in this world?

Some people have challenges that make their understanding of what they have mastered unique because they have to navigate through their challenge, whatever it is, to get where they are right now.

There are people in the world just like you.

They’re not exactly like you, but they are navigating in a way that you’re navigating and they don’t know what to do.

But you do know what to do.

You figured it out.

Today’s call to action is to take notes.

Put a separate journal aside.

Notch off about a dozen or 20 pages where you can start navigating through this process of discovery.

This is a time in the world when our money has become worth a third less than it was a few years ago.

I don’t know if that concerns you, but it concerns me.

It motivates me to understand that I am the one who’s making my way in this world.

And I’m not going to rely on other people’s structures and systems.

And I’m going to look within myself to figure out what I have that I can do something with, that I can serve with, that I can create abundance with in my life, regardless of what’s going on in a big circle over here or another big circle over here.

I’m going to navigate you through your giftedness in the next many episodes of Coaching on the Go to support you in seeing if you have something that you can create a lucrative business with, or a book with, or other possibilities with, where you can serve and generate something for yourself through your degree from the college of life experience, you just stepped through the last many decades.

Have a beautiful day.